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Going out
March 21, 2020 @ 02:43:51 pm

I know its no coincidence I'm just finding this info

Q Clearance

Switched into Nordic Mode, Spiritual Advisor to Former Presidents & NOW Trump! Knowing Thyself, name of this moment in time. The call has gone out & now we are uniting in a GIANT way. There used to be little glass tubes in the shape of a blood collecting vile holding a cigarette inside with a msg that read..."IN CASE OF EMERGENCY BREAK GLASS." Recently I dropped in the USC Justice Dept & Campus Police & received a free glass blood vile shaped tube of hand sanitizer. It immediately reminded me of the story of Caesar when he washed his hands from the blood he didn't want the responsibility of spilling. If this is not both a comforting & at the same time disturbing thought, it should be. But how many of us think of it this way? Its clear we are called to bring the blood back into the limelight, so to speak. The facts & truth is in the blood. As a spiritual council we see the Universal oneness of all things. We've been watched, tested & sent out to share light during this great awakening shift into the new. This is 2020, a time of vision & illuminating the darkness. Failing is not an option. Its our purpose to unite. So this is the focus forward moment when our faith is to be strongest. Even though I don't have a literal crystal ball & even though none of us are born with literal maps attached to our butts, we do have a heart that feels deeply. This is the intuition that guides as a light. If the journey has guided many to Columbia then the way I see it its here that I begin the journey as well. Trump has made his way to these streets back to Washington so I'm also able to make the journey as well. I have faith in what these next steps bring as a guided path with purpose. As Q says,"God Wins." I'm prepping now & going to get a T-shirt so all who see will know. This is a time of unity & WWG1WGA. Politics is a system I don't really understand. But Spirit is a fact & truth that's in the divinely designed plan we are experiencing. I'm still calling numbers to find the pilots & those who assist. I've noticed everyone is behind glass these days, to include the royals & Trump. So, in the state of emergency we break glass & the bloodlines are awakened. I believe all the work done to have Q Clearance has been done for this reason. The recent news of the guy who was literally able to get close enough to the Capital to through a stone & break glass was a msg, I'm sure. As far as I can see, there's been a plan all along & we were never meant to run ourselves crazy running in circles. The 2 military helicopters at Walmart was a clue. Thank you all who are assisting in this time of spiritual awakening. Now I believe Trump needs a new spiritual advisor, to say the least. If I can't find the wings to fly, I'm taking a train to DC. One way or the other, I'm focused forward & GOING OUT!

Hi Pope Francis...I'm keeping up with you in the news & want you to know I love you & everyone who's living this lifetime of great change. Your strength is to be seen worldwide & the light of truth is illuminating the darkness continuously.

Love & Light

If I have no results from calling the numbers of the Priori, Knights & military I'm getting the money for a train to Washington DC. One way or another this is meant to be...

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