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Elgin, South Carolina
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Age: 49
Gender: F
Location: Elgin
South Carolina
United States
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TFS Journal
November 08, 2019 @ 10:17:57 pm

Davinci Code The Priory Family

First contact...when the call rang out I was met at the Fireflies Spirit Communication Park. I'm promising to be at the Gamecocks game 2morrow as they play Appalanchian State. The mountains are climbable! You have been there even before I knew you were. I need answers & have answers to share. You are family, the heart says so. 3rd quarter, Hilinski, sky, hills, MTS...we climb now...3s mean something beautiful & mysterious. The momentum of the wave grows at games. Maybe this is the step in what some consider the wrong direction. If so, I'd love for someone to explain the symbol & # language encoded into sports if it isn't for this reason? Upon awakening, many answers have come from knocking. We are here to stand up for truth, so it's vital these pieces of the puzzle are acquired. I need answers & I promise tomorrow I'm venturing to these places I can share them & access the deeper answers. The wave is most powerful when crowds unite as one. It takes us all. This msg is clear! If this is the way & 3rds are a timetable, along with 3s deepest meanings, then tomorrows game should call for fireworks & firetrucks...I'll be ready by 5:30 pm in ELgin. Please send a ride. Pls confirm at 8:00 pm...I'm focused forward & listening...If this isn't the way, we'll continue marching forward until it is the way! Lighting up the darkness is needed worldwide & it's a big world. We are 1 & it begins with all of us....right here, right now! BELIEVE! Thank you Dawn, I saw your Tshirt! Thank you all for all you do. Namaste

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