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Elgin, South Carolina
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Age: 49
Gender: F
Location: Elgin
South Carolina
United States
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TFS Journal
Rainbows after the Rain
November 05, 2019 @ 08:25:03 pm

My cell is off until I get the $ tomorrow. I am so sorry I didn't make it yet. I'm understanding the msgs pointing in the higher direction. I may not understand it all but I do understand I'm never going to get anywhere around here. There is no need in asking for help or support here so I've got to find my way without any support from my family here. But, it's an adventure in uniting with the starseeds along the way. I have to leave in the morning or I feel I'll be stuck here if I don't move on with my life. Personally, I refuse to give up on purpose! There are too many rainbows ahead to even think about going backwards.

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