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New Energies are BEAUTIFUL!
November 02, 2019 @ 07:13:34 pm

New Energies are BEAUTIFUL!

Today is the day of turning over a new leaf. The signs of change are not only written in the signs in the skies but in our hearts. We all feel these new energies in different ways. All are a part of this GREAT shift into the NEW Universal perception. I'm experiencing a deeper sense of creativity & with it comes a broader vision of understanding how to communicate what was once uncommunicatable. I see you are sending msgs all around me. This is inspiring & motivating to much higher levels for us all. This is evidence of oneness, devotion & faith in this next step. I have something to share today. I've been meditating & focusing on the unseen forces that's been a guiding light through this creative language. As a matter of fact, you know the feeling you get when you receive a thought or create something & it's mindbogglingly beautiful beyond words. You ask,"where did this come from?" Well, that's what I've been experiencing for about a week now. It's almost ready. I'll upload it here for you first, but I can't wait to share it with, well, you know.... Thank you so much for being all around all of us who really need a bit of support when our relatives don't understand. Looking up to the skies has never felt so good, reassuring & comforting (although the real comfort is the light within & without) Be back later today.... Love & Light... Stay positive & BELIEVE!

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New Post! November 02, 2019 @ 09:21:42 pm
I like nature pic's (more so astronomy), especially without a sign of humans.

There'd be a fantastic shot of the auroras, and near the bottom is some dude waving ... C'mon, Man ...

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