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Hunter's Moon Oct 13th
October 09, 2019 @ 09:16:12 pm

A witch hunt, Hunter's Moon, Blood Moon & Knight's October 13th, 1307

It has dawned on me how close we are to this sign in the Bible

Acts 2:17-21

I knew there was a reason why I couldn't find a place to stay in town after waiting for a call back. It's OK though, I understand. The SC State Fair opened today, my bros bday is the day before the day we remember the Knights Templar members who were put to death in 1307. The 13th is the Hunter's Moon (hence "Witch Hunt" ) aka Blood Moon (Acts 2:17-21) Harvest Moon (Q) So I'm shooting for the moon being the signifier. Especially after learning what I've learned about the SC Freemasons & Knights Templar over the course of time. Knowledge on these subjects has been pouring in recently. There are no coincidences. The timing is PRICELESS! We're aligned with the signs. I'm sure due to the language & cues coming from every direction. Now that we are on the same page with this timing, we can clearly see the plan & work together to write this next chapter. This adventure has been long awaited by all of us, worldwide. I realize how important it is to follow through & complete this work so many beautiful hearts have poured their whole lives into throughout history. They are on our minds & in all of our hearts daily. Preparations have been made in every way to ensure success. There are no doubts. So this is the week for changes for so many of us who've been waiting for it all to fall in place. I must move on & begin connecting with people, I know. I have faith in the journey & even though there isn't many who are from my past who are supporting in this journey any longer, there are those I haven't met yet who are there, waiting as I have. This is what a new chapter means. So, I look forward to every tomorrow, have a new attitude & high hopes. Let's see what tomorrow brings & begin the plans as we go. Much love & light...we are 1!

Hunter's Moon aka Harvest Moon aka Blood Moon & The Knights Oct 13, 1307

ACTS 2:17-21

"So it mote be"

The emblem on the front of the fez, the crescent and scimitar, is an important part of the fraternity’s theme, and is representative of the characteristics embodied by the Shriners.

The scimitar stands for the backbone of the fraternity, its members.

The two claws are for the Shriners fraternity and its philanthropy.

The sphinx stands for the governing body of the Shriners.

The five-pointed star represents the thousands of children helped by the philanthropy each year.

The emblem also bears the phrase “Robur et Furor,” which means “Strength and Fury.”


Order of Christ Tunnels

Santa Maria Dos Olivios


Solomon Star (Pentagram) Elite

Freemasons controlled by Templars

Curse of Oak Island

Henry Sinclair

Zena Halpernin

Ralph De Sudelae

Templars met Mic Mac & added a moon crest above sun symbol

Treaties between Nova Scotia Natives & Templars (cross & feather with tobacco leaves) moon crest added

Oak Island pit

Kensington Runestone

Domme France Tree of Life



Family Forever

A Family Album

SamUEL Ball freed slave worked as cabbage farmer
1846 81 yrs old owned Oak Island land


Mysterious box?

William Chapel

Small Piece Parchment Paper in Oak Island $ pit


Henry L Bodin research 1911 ceased hunting & allowing others to search?

Lost crown jewels of Queen

FDR Roosevelt
Warren Delaknow? Truano?

He referred

MR Chapel Freemason & Knights Templar

MR Chapel 1915 hired Robert Restall?

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