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Elgin, South Carolina
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TFS Journal
October 07, 2019 @ 01:06:34 am

To be NOTW is a process of understanding & acceptance of all that is beyond what is seen with 2 eyes. As I look back into what I have known as "LIFE" I realize I've never known what it really means "to live." I learn every day, and it takes you to be a part of every day in order for all moments to become reality. There is no fear once this awakening comes. I was afraid of so many things I was responsible for imagining. I refuse to be afraid of the darkness & bitterness of the medicine I've already taken. I look forward to uniting with all who seek unity in the light that shines as the new beginnings we've chosen to bring into reality.

Thank you for being there. This is not an easy time for any of us. But if you think we are giving up now, you have so many more thoughts coming. I wasn't given a choice & neither were you. So SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP! It's time to keep these promises! Forward March Soldier!!!!!!

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