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Elgin, South Carolina
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Onward March
October 06, 2019 @ 03:09:10 pm

I'm off to the river to help my bro set up camp but I won't be staying. Tomorrow I'm taking a ride into Lexington & Columbia to begin contacting those who have the answers to these GIANT Q's. The Lexington Lodge is extremely active, along with the Scottish Rite. After following the info last night, codes embedded in artworks, Lodges & America's Founding Father's history in Freemasonry, I know where to go & what to do now. I'll be contributing charitably along the way & following the heart. If I don't get out of this prison I know my purpose will go to pot. This place is stifling & Mom's neg attitude is draining. Bare with me, I'm focused 4ward.

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