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My time on Zoosk
August 18, 2015 @ 04:24:42 pm

If I wanted to say that my time on Zoosk was good I would be lying to you to be honest it wasn't even good at lease by my standards. When I joined this site I was connected to a social networking site called after that the site just disappeared from the site itself. I still got my daily smartpicks from the site which all I could say was no because I didn't pay for subscription to say yes well all that changed when a certain girl came came into my smartpick list I haven't met she was really pretty and on July 16, 2015 I bought a subscription for a month. I e-mailed countless numbers of girls some black some white some Asian and those in the middle. These are all the girls I have e-mailed:









And do you know how many e-mailed me back? Go ahead take a Guess. Not a single one message me back. I was a bit shocked because technically more these girls in the list that you're seeing were actually had their status between online now and recently online which means that some of the girls were online or just were online so I e-mailed plus they're also if you people who weren't online at all. There was only one girl actually three girls that e-mailed me back one I had message the other I have to got into a conversation with and another I'm still talking to(or was talking too).

While I was e-mailing all those girls I was hoping to find the girl that got me to buy the subscription in the first place, with some luck I was able to find her and tell her that I was absolutely grateful that she basically caused me to buy a subscription for 30 days. And Now with my final few days on this site I had to say it was an utter failure. All the girls I e-mailed never e-mailed my back which was kind of a shock to me the real kicker was when I realized that most of those girls I e-mailed were online or recent online I did get a few members that viewed me but that's all I got. I was thinking maybe it's my profile because technically I did fill out everything, or maybe they just ignored me, or maybe they getting so many e-mails from guys that mine got buried in all of the other e-mails because that can happen if your well pretty, hot, and sexy. I did use the mega flirt and boost options but that didn't help either according to the site my rank on the site was: 6,401,659 which makes me "somewhat popular"I didn't think I needed to be popular to get girls to talk to me but that's how the site rolls. I canceled my subscription to the site in five days when it came down to three days I fired up the boost option one last time maxing it out overnight, when it was running low I gave it one boost and I'll let it run out. Today was actually the last day of my subscription and I spent it e-mailing the girls that I got from the boost I got from Saturday I e-mailed my last 10 girls and that was that, the time is about 8:56 PM Sunday night and my subscription has been long expired by now I just want to say for those who were on the site or have actual met someone on the site good for you I wish I did. I am truly sad about this I only talked to about two or three girls and the rest that I e-mailed didn't even bother to look at which I think is kind of strange. Oh also one of the girls that I e-mailed also showed up in my carousel I burst out laughing when I saw that, actually it happened quite a few times while I was on the site. Overall the site is pretty good but for those who think that you'll actually meet someone please don't want your breath I viewed over what appears to be nearly 200 profiles (yes you heard me right 200 and also I have a lot of free time too) and e-mailed 181 girls with about six winks in the middle and out of those e-mails only a few talk to me so was that say their? I really did have high hopes when I bought a subscription to Zoosk now I'm not so sure if I want to join again I probably wouldn't do it it's a good site yes but when something like this happens, makes you wonder is this site fake or something?

I tried to post this in one of the forums but it got taken down, so I have to post it in one of my journals. I do have a spreadsheet of all the girls I e-mailed if you want to look at it please PM me I'll be happy to send the download link via mediafire.

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New Post! August 18, 2015 @ 04:54:11 pm
Do you like the USA Constitution or not?



New Post! August 18, 2015 @ 04:54:36 pm
Are you happy that your Alex Jones' lies have led to conspiracy nuts plotting to attack our military?



New Post! August 18, 2015 @ 04:54:52 pm
Do you think that Obama is using our military to attack American citizens or do you think that Obama is using ISIS to attack our military?



New Post! August 18, 2015 @ 04:55:08 pm
Why won't you answer my question?


New Post! August 18, 2015 @ 05:01:28 pm

Lots of emails.

Good luck finding your wife.


New Post! August 18, 2015 @ 05:19:21 pm
I'm not sure why anyone would want to look at a spreadsheet of all the girls you e-mailed, I'll take your word for it that you e-mailed them and they did not reply.
The question you have to ask yourself is why.


New Post! August 18, 2015 @ 06:24:41 pm
Not sure what your profile says. But when I used to be on POF, I changed my profile to the following (cant remember where I got it from) and girls showed more interest. That said, most of them had out of date photo's so I dont honestly think anybody is real on them sites. Im sure if I had said I was a lawyer they would of called out my lying, but double standards and all that.

Welcome to my page and please leave a message after the

I'm awesome... no, seriously, I am. I'm about 60% awesome, 40%
sexy, and 20% ninja monkey. What's that? You're saying that you
think I'm conceited, can't do math, and have no clue what a ninja
monkey is? may be right.

BUT I can bake 30 minute brownies in 25 minutes. I give real hugs
instead of those wimpy A-frame things people try to pass off as
hugs. I know how to recite the number pi up to 16 digits
from a sheet of paper. And I know that the tooth fairy does not exist. how many guys can say THAT!

Other thing I noticed after experimenting with different profile photo's was the following photo's work best:

Photo of you in a uniform
Photo of you with another girl

One final point, I found the following first message generally worked best:

Hey nice photo of you doing ____________, you look kind of cute. Your ___________ nake you look like your a ____________ sort of person. Anyway shame your not my normal type, I feel we would of gotten along well.

Dont comment on their looks by the way. Eye colour or smile or something like that and say it makes them look playful/adventurous/real (females seem to take great pride in being "real"/fun, you get the idea.

Anyway thats all the online advice I can give you. Tbh honest it really aint my scene.

Anyway good luck.


New Post! August 18, 2015 @ 06:45:05 pm
Zoosk is a scam



New Post! August 18, 2015 @ 06:54:58 pm
@HiImDan Said

Zoosk is a scam

Or Sandrock a failure...?


New Post! August 18, 2015 @ 07:26:23 pm
@HiImDan Said

Zoosk is a scam

Nah its not a scam, its just a very horrible dynamic
So many of the people on there are just there for validation. IE they just want to feel wanted, they have no interest in actually meeting in person, or someone else comes along off line.

Then you have to take into account the amount of messages women get. Someone I knew set up a false profile of a semi attractive woman. It was about 150 messages a day, basically saying "I want to f**K you". Really classy stuff. Half of these messages were from users in other countries as well.

Then you get the fact that women get a lot more choice on here than in Real Life, so naturally they are going to pick some attractive looking guy.

This then leads to your mediocre guy feeling more rejected than normal, so he starts seeking validation himself. Hence he message the war hogs and beach whales thinking there is no way in hell he will be turned down. Because of this the war hogs and beach whales get a slightly over valued sense of self worth and become picky themselves.

Anyway the key thing is. It is ONLINE. Not REAL LIFE. You cant convey personality online like you can in Real Life.

Anyone can be a keyboard Casanova, but in real life your true colours will show. So its all FAKE.

Wny the hell go through all that crap online when you can actually spend all that time doing something productive on yourself (ie Self Improvement).

Marketting a crappy car online wont make it anymore appealing once you get in it. And a great car wont be appreciated for its comfort online.



New Post! August 18, 2015 @ 09:15:38 pm

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