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Public entry my2¢ comment that everyone should look at
August 23, 2016 @ 03:16:28 am
I found comment from Disqus member my2¢ on the Infowars article "GOOGLE HIDES “CLINTON BODY COUNT” SEARCH SUGGESTIONS" Should be an eyeopener for anyone who is vote for this lying witch.
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Public entry My time on Zoosk
August 18, 2015 @ 04:24:42 pm
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Public entry My fourth days in Tennessee
August 15, 2014 @ 05:37:37 pm
Well I'm back in Baltimore I was on a four day mini vacation to see my aunt in Tennessee it was kind of fun to see them again the ride took about 10 hours so technically we have to wake up about 2 AM Thursday July, 24th and be out the door by 3 AM I slept most of the ways we made it to the house little after one o'clock Central standard Time which is about two o'clock Eastern standard Time thou I did not want to come here and told my mom the day before the trip that I did not want to go with them but I didn't have much of a choice. Well it was bittersweet I got a chance to see the first episode of RWBY season 2 with an absolute epic food fight none of which I have seen before. On Friday well nothing was going on Friday my aunt was getting something very for a Saturday dinner you see my aunt, uncle and cousin go to church on Saturday or sabbath. On Saturday we went to church and in sabbath school the lesson was about salvation, I on the other hand had my head tipped down a little while they were talking about the lesson and listening to everyone's comments I would say something to add to the conversation but you know me I keep my thoughts to myself. Suddenly a another student walks in and sits across the room from me she was asian and a friend of my cousin Venetia-Ann Bignall which was also in the room, after church we went back home once we prepared for the guests to arrive at the house for the sabbath dinner some of my aunt's family members started to show up and a few friends as well. We ate and dessert would be served however, I heard singing coming from the dining room after people had finished eating they sang happy birthday to my mom and my aunt had said that today was her birthday; then it hit me my mom's birthday was today(some sun I turned out to be forgetting your mother's birthday) . My mom was given a Poundcake to bring back to baltimore but also there is some carrot cake there too, there are people talking and all that stuff and me I was by my lonesome self what I mean by that?

I mean everybody at some talk to Venetia-Ann was talk other girl and her friend from church that we brought back that sort of thing. After everyone left we went upstairs and watched a movie called the help if you know what the movie is about then I'm not going to explain it. Sunday was just another normal day for the first part of the day later on we went to the cheesecake factory at the Green Hills mall. We had to wait 30 min. for a table so we walked around the mall it until I table was available, so my mom, my cousin, Venetia-ann and my aunt went shopping for a little bit me, uncle Orville and my dad went walking around the mall they are I saw a Maserati convertible or was it hard top I don't know sure I took a picture of it so you should see what it looks like:

As we walked around a took another picture with my flip phone A.K.A dumb phone an Audi A6 and so on and so forth, before we left the cheesecake factory we got a an electronic notification that would tell us when a table will be ready that my dad had taken that was going off so we have to go back to the cheesecake factory and my dad told my uncle to get everyone and meet us there. When we got back there there was a whole bunch of people waiting at the front desk of the restaurant the waiter my dad to the table while I went to the bathroom when I get out I couldn't find him anywhere I finally spotted him in the distance slowly but surely my mom, aunt, cousin and uncle came through the door once for all act the table we ordered some drinks and while they were ordering their drinks they all started talking about something so I didn't hear what the conversation was about one bit of of the conversation interests me. They were talking about the Asian girl that we brought back with us I learnt that she was homeschooled by her parents and that her parents lived a quiet life my aunt actually met them and that she was Korean and that she was a smart and she had been exposed to everything (meaning arts and crafts, swimming that sort of thing) . It was finally time to order our food I had some chicken strips with fries(just one a make it clear I did not use this as my order my dad did) however, there was a problem with my mom's order you see she wanted something with Salmon but there were fresh out of that fish as my dad waiter to call your manager to see if they had anything else or they would leave the restaurant and go somewhere else.

However the problem was quickly solved when our waiter went to talk to the manager of the restaurant to see what they had in reserve in the end she ordered something with tuna, after everyone had eaten time for dessert and since no one wanted any cheesecake to eat so I orderd some a slice to go since I couldn't eat here. After we left the restaurant we went to see where were my aunt and uncle used to work as teachers in a college before we headed back to the house we stopped by one of those portable DVD renting machines were he switched one DVD and got another one which was titled 12 years a slave for those who know the story I'll let you tell it to people on the site (also I ate my slice of cheesecake that I got from the factory while watching the movie if you're wondering if I didn't). On Monday we went out to go look at some stores apparently Sunday one of the stores she didn't find what she was looking for in the mall so she decided to go elsewhere to go look for and guess what? My cousin drove was there in the same Camry that we drove up in.

We look into some stores and didn't find what she was looking for in any of the stores listed so I decided to head back to the car, while we were in the stores that Asian girl I was at the house on Saturday kept popping up in my head. On the way to one of the stores there was a black Camaro I wanted to take a picture of it with my flip phone however I didn't get a chance to take it, however I was able to take the picture when we were coming back from the store as we were going back to the car that's then it happened. Between me taking the picture of the black Camaro and me getting into the car I felt a strange pain in my stomach I was out of breath and my right hand was hurting really bad I didn't tell my parents when her face flash before my eyes again I asked god "what do you want me to do with this girl?" The final stop was Opry Mills the mall that was behind the grand old Opry my dad wanted to pick up some CDs for his dad you would think that being named after the Grand Old Opry you would think that there would be some music stores in the mall right? Well they don't unfortunate just another ordinary mall my mom went shopping with my cousin and me and my dad went to go find and see if the mall had any music stores but to no avail we waited for them to be done before we left the mall my mom and dad purchased some what appears to be drinking jars from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The weirdest thing about this mall is it's speed limit it went from 15 MPH to 24 MPH in the parking lot so we headed back home with the pain in my stomach still with me all the way through dinner time, I almost never finished the food I was given but I somehow powered through it.

The pain even stayed with me when we had our little Bible meeting you could say that I had some sort of love sickness for her but anyway I was going to ask my aunt or my uncle who was this girl was, unfortunately and sadly I didn't get the chance to ask. We left the house July 29 he woke up around 2 or 3 AM and we were on the road by daybreak. The 10 hour trip and one hold up my dad got pulled over by the Virginia state trooper who said that he was going 83 mph in a 70 or 75 mph zone but he was going to take 3 MPH off of it so he was doing about I don't know 80 mph after that it was smooth sailing made it back to our house about a little after 2:30 PM in the afternoon. I called my aunt to ask her about the girl that was at the house Saturday, July 26 however she wasn't there so I had to leave a message. On Wednesday I called back again but I finally got to my aunt asked her about the girl that came with us and boy was I in for a shock she said that basically she wouldn't give any information about her students which was all right because I all I want to know was her name my aunt told me her name was but I don't remember it clearly and that he had just turned 18 years old, the moment she said that thatlove sickness feeling I was feeling Monday into Tuesday went away very slowly and I was relieved that I found out that she was barely legal she said something about being careful not to fall in love with someone who's underage that sort of thing.

To be honest I wasn't going to fall in love with I was just interested in her and wondered if she was although the date or not well I finally got my answer and I hung up the phone after that. Very interesting that Asian girl is I would still like to talk to her but if push comes to shove then what can you do let the chips fall where they may.
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