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"I am Sonic Sandrocksonic"
On November 05, 2020 Sandrocksonic

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Randallstown, Maryland
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This is the reworked version of my profile description

I am 28 years old and I still live of my parents, I'm trying to find a job but I can't find one I've been ridiculed by most of the members on this site because I post articles from (read link articles only). However, if they needed a real me they would know that basically that I like fast cars, computers I for one actually built mines, and my musical bone is all over the place. I listen to the Alex Jones show daily because basically it's an alternative to the mainstream media that has been caught lying, deceiving, and telling the general public what they want to hear not what they want to know. I like pets cats are my favorite and I like to play video games. I am a big Anime fan currently I am watching High school D X D but I need to finish watching it. My big dream is to own a business to call my own but with everything collapsing that dream is slowly fading. All in all I'm a really nice guy and very sensitive to words. I am an Aries on the Western zodiac however, I was born in 1987 which puts me in the year of the rabbit in my element is fire that makes me a born leader so to speak. God is always the center of my life and I asked him for guidance through the good, the bad, and the downright ugly when things get tough I may start to cry but I have to remember that basically he has a greater plan for me then this.

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Well anyone who is the same like me about people who are concerned about where this country is absolutely going. People with a little bit a humor would be great but definitely people who are worried about this country.

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video games (490), computers (406), god (59), freedom (13), gold (3), fighting the nwo (3), alex jones,
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