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"Don't give your pearls to pigs, lest they trample on them."
On January 26, 2013 Raymondone888

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Rise above the cloud

London, United Kingdom
Joined: May 2009

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Age: 71
Gender: M
Location: London
Greater London
United Kingdom
Posts: 1898
PLS: ? 54.49
Joined:: May 24, 2009
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About Me
I am married and have 4 grown up children which are all boy's. I have a good sense of humour but don't particularly like sick jokes. I have had a multitude of occupations and took early retirement in 2000. Came out of retirement in 2011 to rekindle my song-writing career. Am now running a music production company and am writing with composers in the USA, UK, Russia, Sweden, Canada, and Australia.

Who I Want To Meet
Sensible people of all ages, interests, who are of a spiritual nature and inclined towards positivity.

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I have no life

My Interests (12)
writing (985), politics (324), poetry (270), science (108), film (62), astronomy (46), song writing (10), humour (7), discussion of most subjects, religion although not religious, interpretation of dreams,
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