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"dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today."
On February 13, 2010 OklahomaGirl

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i love everything about life!!! except spiders and snakes.... but im up for anything!!

my name is Cassie, i live in Kansas, i hate it. i definitely live life to the fullest. im a red head of course. my eyes are blue im 5'7 ish. im totally a daddys girl. i have 2 nieces one nephew. they are my world. i live on my own and have since i was 17, but my story isn't one of those heartbreaking ones, i just choose to live on my own. i have 1 sis and 2 brother, i used to look up to my brothers, idolize them but i don't anymore because they both just take and take and take from me and never give back, so i don't even talk to them even tho one of them lives 2 blocks away from me. my sister and i used to not be close at all, we have our moments tho, right now being one of them.

i don't talk to my mother, i haven't since August of 09, and i wont for a very long time if ever. i mean that to.

my dad is the only man that has always stood beside me, never gave up on me and never did me wrong, is always proud of me no matter what i do. i have the most awesome step mom ever, she, like my dad, has never given up on me and has always believed in me.

im a pretty outgoing person, very opinionated, people tell me im very pretty but i don't let it go to my head and im not cocky about it. i don't look in a mirror and see pretty or sexy. i see just me. im a small town girl i grew up on a farm, i loved it.

im a great mix of a little of everything, i like rap, pop, rock, but my primary is country. so i listen to everything.

ive been in one serious relationship, it lasted only a year. it ended after he let his friends call me a b**** (even tho i was right) and didn't stand up for me, after that he told me i was getting fat (and i wasn't) so i dumped him no questions asked.

ive been hurt many many many times but im not letting it stop me from finding a great guy. i wont stop trying no matter what. i don't blame new guys for old guys mistakes, thats pointless.

im not jealous, i don't nag all i ask is don't lie to me. im very understanding like you have nnooooo idea. i take each day as it comes. i love life, some days more than other but i always have a positive outlook on life. sometimes i slightly give up but i pick myself back up with in 24 hours

any questions just ask thanks for reading!!

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I have no life

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