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On October 10, 2011 Naxell

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Duvall, Washington
Joined: Mar 2009

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Age: 120
Gender: M
Location: Duvall
United States
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About Me
Well... I'm not really sure. I like making new friends. I am social to the extreme. I am a dog-lover, if anyone cares. And I LOVE sleeping. There: the About Me of myself, and probably half of America, in this box.

Who I Want To Meet
Gosh... I'd love to meet the Governator, Lady Gaga, Mark Bellamy from Muse, deadmau5, and some world leaders. That'd be nice

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My Interests (7)
school (268), partying (138), hanging out (70), geology (7), weird dreaming, oboe, anything vaguely interesting.,
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