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On June 29, 2014 Megs22

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TFS Journal
September 02, 2010 @ 11:40:00 pm

Its one of those aggravations where you dont know whether to cry scream laugh or just forget about it!

I am the type of person who cares so much (sometimes i think too much), and puts my all into everything. And as much as i love my job i find myself getting so frustrated over it lately. I am doing so well hitting my bonus, making great money...but then there are days like today where i feel like im not doing well enough, like im not ever going to be good enough. theres no recognition or appreciation in this field i swear.

I understand its in an owners best interest to do whats best for the company and what will bring in money...but I feel so confused sometimes. i myself would love to grow as a person and become better at what i do, not only for myself but also for the benefit of the company... be more independent and such. and it even seems like they want that from me as well at times. but then they say something that completely contradicts that. Making it seem like they dont care about growth just
immediate results and thinking of the future just the present time and how much money is being made for the company "now".

But tell me what you want and i will give it to you....tell me you wan t me to learn for myself and grow personally and I will do so as best and as fast as I can so that I can not only help you now but in the future.

Or tell me that you simply want me to do what will make you money know and i will do that.

just tellll me what you want!!


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Crystallized Gem

New Post! September 03, 2010 @ 08:50:55 am

When it comes to jobs, remember in the end they don't give a damn how well you work for them, how loyal you are or how good at your job you are. They all treat you like a number and only care about their profits. Obviously you work hard to prove to yourself you can do the job, but don't ever give the company 100%, keep that for yourself.
Always put yourself first, you deserve it.


New Post! September 03, 2010 @ 08:31:13 pm
aww thank you!....thats probably the best advice i've gotten in a while haha. It'll be hard not to give it my all but you are right. Not worth the frustration in the end.

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