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On June 29, 2014 Megs22

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Hamburg, Florida
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Public entry Goodnight.
January 16, 2011 @ 11:39:04 am
So im finally going to go plop down into bed. Promise i'll be back tomorrow. no more disappearing acts from me.

ps - as nicki minaj says

You wanna sleep on me? Overnight?
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Public entry My lovely car.
January 16, 2011 @ 10:28:07 am
Not sure if anyone rememberssss...but ive been having troubles with my car for sometime now.
yea well after having both ignition coils replaced, my crank shaft position sensor replaced, my timing belt replaced was still running like crap. I finally got it back to a shop this morning thinking it would cost me a few hundred dollars, 400 max whatever the problem may be. Come to find out i had a hole in my exhaust pipe, my alternator needed to be replaced and my motor mounts needed to be replaced as well. needless to say, I am out another 850 dollars and i am just going to start prayingggg that It is fixed for now. Fingers Crossed everyone.
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Public entry Frustration
September 02, 2010 @ 11:40:00 pm
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