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"I love cats."
On August 18, 2023 Mauve

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The Life of Victoria
A Little Sadness
April 09, 2019 @ 01:24:03 pm
A stray cat that we found in our apartment complex (my boyfriend and I) has been living with us for the past month, and we are unable to keep her. We are heartbroken -- she is such a sweet, gentle, and worthy little gal, I feel so sad that we cannot keep her. The thing is that our apartment is TINY -- like, insanely small. Also, we are poor college folks... we can't afford to support anyone other than ourselves.
If any of you believe, I ask that you lift Tibby Tulip (our foster cat) up in your prayers that she may find the best home, be given the best love and care, and get everything she needs in this life, I would be so grateful. I feel horribly guilty that we can't keep her, but it's just not good timing.

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New Post! April 09, 2019 @ 05:21:15 pm
A half decade back we had two little kittens come to find us
as they were not being cared for at home
The owner of the parents was a young guy and he let us keep them

My partner, at the time, wasn't in 'empathy for animals' mode and I felt bad that we had to let the brother and sister out in the cold at night because she wouldn't tolerate a litter box. In no way was she mean to them but believed that all animals are designed for outdoors so should stay outdoors.

But I was able to have them inside during the daytime and kept them fed

We eventually gave the two up to a woman in our city who runs a cat refuge and I'm sure they were happy because they were introduced to thirty or so other cats at her home

A little girl we baby sat for lived a few homes down from the cat lady
and the adult sister cat would come to say hello and thanks to us each time we were at the little girl's house; in fact she would often go over there even when we weren't around to play with the little girl. I believe the cat thought the child ours and wanted to return the favor we gave her by looking after the child.

A couple years later my partner began yearning for a pet and I received a kitten for my birthday

As she's gotten to know our cat and realize there's more to them than 'just an animal' she too now understands why I was more fussy about the two kittens we looked after for a month.

It's the 'Velveteen Rabbit' effect; it seems that animals only tend to develop a vulnerable soul/personality if it is anticipated that animal is going to have a good life because there is someone around to look after it.

(Spielbergh also suggested this 2001's "A.I." )


New Post! April 09, 2019 @ 05:34:58 pm

How much can one little cat eat?


New Post! April 10, 2019 @ 12:41:55 pm
The only problem with kittens is that they grow up to be cats

In my opinion, the only good cat is somebody else's cat ... and even then, not always.

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