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The Life of Victoria

Public entry What Happened to the "Post Your Mind" Threads?
June 19, 2019 @ 09:50:10 pm
Did I miss something? Are we not doing that anymore? I thought it was a good way to vent and talk about random things... someone update me, I'm never here so I don't know.
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Public entry Things are Fine
June 19, 2019 @ 06:07:30 pm
I finally, FINALLY got a job for the summer. It doesn't pay very well, but it's money, and I already knew my boss beforehand. I'm glad it's only June; I am dreading the coming of August, which is when my new semester starts. I'm so ready to be done with college. There was nothing truly redeeming about it. It's hot as balls in Texas and I wish we'd get more rain, so if you have any rain you don't want anymore, please gather your fans and blow the rain south. We Texans thank you in advance.
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Public entry A Little Sadness
April 09, 2019 @ 01:24:03 pm
A stray cat that we found in our apartment complex (my boyfriend and I) has been living with us for the past month, and we are unable to keep her. We are heartbroken -- she is such a sweet, gentle, and worthy little gal, I feel so sad that we cannot keep her. The thing is that our apartment is TINY -- like, insanely small. Also, we are poor college folks... we can't afford to support anyone other than ourselves.
If any of you believe, I ask that you lift Tibby Tulip (our foster cat) up in your prayers that she may find the best home, be given the best love and care, and get everything she needs in this life, I would be so grateful. I feel horribly guilty that we can't keep her, but it's just not good timing.
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Public entry Venting
March 26, 2019 @ 02:29:46 am
It's been about five minutes since my last vent, so here goes.

- This week already sucks and it's only Monday.
- I feel fat as hell.
- My period turns me into a hellacious beotch.
- I have cried many, many times in the past few days.
- My experimental psych class is too effing hard.
- I suck at time management.
- I want my Mommy.

There it is. All out there on the table. I'm gonna go drown myself in note cards, studying, and Coke Zero. Laterzzz.
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Public entry So Many Tears
March 23, 2019 @ 04:23:28 am
Watched yet another documentary about Columbine. Duuuude. It's so fascinating, but I swear it makes me cry every time. So senseless, heartless, everything in between. I learned about Columbine, like, fifteen years ago. So many details, so many things to take in.
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Public entry Oh, hey.
March 21, 2019 @ 02:28:48 pm
Been a while. I hope everyone is doing well. I'm doing well, too... still a depressed and lonely college student counting down the days to graduation.
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Public entry Nearing Finals Week...
November 28, 2018 @ 07:28:32 pm
And I can feel myself getting more and more stressed the absolute heck out. I know I need to take things one at a time, but it's hard when you have so much you need to do at one time. I'm just glad I'm only taking four rather than five classes this semester, so it could obviously be worse. Anyway... I'm going to do whatever it takes to pass my classes and I'm doing well in most... I'm hanging in the balance with stats, I need to get a good grade on my final. If you can, please spare a prayer for me that I can get through this and succeed, and find the motivation to work as hard as I possibly can.
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Public entry College vs. Art
November 17, 2018 @ 04:18:16 am
And it looks like college wins. College has stolen every last bit of energy, creativity, drive... I want to create art, but am uninspired. I have nothing left to give unless it goes towards statistics or something else that doesn't inspire me. As long as it eventually brings in an income, right? Such a useless class.
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Public entry I haven't posted in so long...
September 18, 2017 @ 04:34:18 pm
Wow... so much has changed since I last posted. Let's make a list.

- Broke up with boyfriend, then got back with him (we are awesome now)
- Made the transition from community college to REAL university (very exciting!)
- Live in a different city

Oh, I guess that's it. I guess I didn't change as much as I thought. XD I hope everyone is well.
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Public entry Today is good!
October 22, 2016 @ 10:06:59 pm
Today is a really good day. I get to see my sister and my niece. I am listening to music and making a list of names that I like, for future children and/or for character naming, as I like to write and haven't done it in a while. Here's hoping that will change. How is everyone doing today?
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