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"Preach Jesus"
On September 12, 2019 LynnLombardo

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Public entry Precious To the Lord Jesus Christ
September 12, 2019 @ 01:29:31 am
Jesus is my Lord he has saved me from hell, I follow him.
I Love him, I honor Him, I sing to Him. he is my Lord,
I obey Him, I need Him, I am discipled by Him.
I have the wonderful Gift of the Holy Spirit,
on the worst days of my life it could be the worst day
It is a ok day cuz Jesus is there with me,
DO you know Jesus ? do you love Jesus? do you obey Jesus ?
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Public entry Someone Named Jesus Christ saved me from destruction
September 12, 2019 @ 01:23:46 am
I am not a churcher, I do not need church, I met Jesus in
wholehearted prayer at home. He told me all I ever was ever
thinking before I though it.
I now have a real living relationship with the LORD Jesus.
How about you do you know Jesus, are you discipled by him?
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