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On July 15, 2013 KulliK357

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Sausage Snowman

Dingwall,Scotland, United King
Joined: Oct 2007

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Age: 29
Gender: M
Location: Dingwall,Scotland
United Kingdom
Posts: 11599
PLS: ? 49.5
Joined:: Oct 01, 2007
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Yep, this is my profile.

Not much to say, I guess you should just read my posts till you get a moderate understanding of me, I can't provide you with that.

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Ask me anything [It was going to happen...]

Who I Want To Meet
Anyone who wants to meet me (unless it's some kind of creepy stalker with some odd fascination with my liver and its taste.)

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New posts its been a while. a lot has changed
New posts oh
New posts Thoughts
New posts How unlike me
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My Interests (9)
music (3956), computers (406), youtube (25), pc games (9), observing debates, getting away from my family., my friends (sort of :p ), trying to work out where i stand on issues that dont impact me all that much,
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