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"Dog loving, bubbly, wacky woman looking for penpals"
On January 06, 2009 Krissie

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Manchester, United Kingdom
Joined: Nov 2008

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Age: 38
Gender: F
Location: Manchester
North West
United Kingdom
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About Me
I am a bubbly, fun loving, wacky woman, who loves dogs!! has lots of hobbies and interests, I suffer from depression but my "happy pills" really help ;p I live in the UK (Manchester)with my mum and OH Mark, the past 3 years have been really tough first my nan passed away then 9 months later my dad. I have 18 tattoos, 9 piercings, am adopted, spent 3 years in care, I smoke 20 a day, enjoy my voddy. I don't give a s*** what people think about me, I am who I am and if people don't like it, tough titty ;p I an non judgemental, hate racism, liars, cheats etc!! I am terrified of spiders, not keen on the dark, suffer from vertigo so don't do heights (although I love rollercoasters) ;p

Who I Want To Meet
I am looking for female snail mail penpals who are from the UK

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I have no life

My Interests (13)
bowling (184), cinema (90), gym (53), pubs (30), eating out (19), surfing the web (14), my dogs (11), quizzes (11), penpalling (4), etc etc!, ebaying, nights in watching dvds,
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