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"Who are you looking at?"
On September 18, 2011 Karma_Junkie

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Miss Dizzy Bastard

Cheshire, United Kingdom
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Age: 57
Gender: F
Location: Cheshire

United Kingdom
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Im a self employed beauty therapist, I run an online shop and I run around after after 3 grown kids, no wonder I dont put on weight and I have a wonderful partner.

I do a lot of hill walking and backpacking, mainly in the UK and I also re-enact medieval battles, sounds geeky? Dont knock it till youve tried it lol, there's something theraputic about hitting your apponent whith a huge lump of metal or a 6ft pole

I rarely watch tv and love listening to music, rock is my prefered genre.

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New posts Its been a while
New posts Thought I better show my face :)
New posts I think ive lost my best fish to the weather :-(
New posts My baby boy is 21 today.
New posts 10 weeks and counting...


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hiking (298), music. (35), swords and pole arms,
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