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FINALLY! We've found a place!
June 12, 2017 @ 05:31:12 am
I came to the conclusion, months ago, that I was going to have to settle for something less than what I wanted, or find a roommate...

Luckily, a good friend of mine happened to be in the same predicament! Voila!
So after a few disappointments, some smoke blown up some orifices, one WEIRD a** application we refused to fill out some parts of... WE FINALLY FOUND A PLACE!!!!

We go in tomorrow for the final walk through, and to sign the lease and pay the deposit...

I had moved back to my Mom's WAY back in September, with the plan on using my tax return, and saving a bit, to get into a better place...
WELL, my car took a huge crap. So I had to use a chunk to find a new one. Didn't have to break the bank, or cancel any plans at that point...
HOWEVER, the car I bought ALSO took a crap and I ended up pouring almost 3k into it. THAT broke the bank and totally screwed my plans!!!
FOUR freaking months later...
OMG, it's gonna be so great to have some SPACE! My son (8) and I have been SHARING a room for the last 9 months!

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