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TFS Journal
EPIC Seahawks Game Day! (40-7 baby!!!)
December 07, 2016 @ 03:33:34 am
Took the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle, that's always fun! (Walking on saves a TON on Seattle parking!)

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Once we got to Seattle we WALKED, I don't even know how far... Block after block after block, looking for my buddy's tailgating friends...
We didn't find them, but ran into many cool people. They all wanted to talk to us because of my buddy's artwork, these cedar Seahawks masks:

Uploaded at
Seriously, people LOVE them! He's only missed ONE home game this season, and guess how many he's paid cash for... NONE. He trades!

PLUS we ran into Earl Thomas' Dad and Uncle! (sad face for Earl Thomas' injury ) Should have taken a photo with them holding the "Stand With Standing Rock/ #NoDAPL" shirts we gave them, and they enthusiastically took!
My buddy got to wear THE SUPERBOWL RING!

Uploaded at

Got to see Ricardo Lockette do an interview with one of the local sports radio stations:

Uploaded at

Pretty good seats, There's Blitz!!!

Uploaded at

Uploaded at

Oh. Yeah. And um... THIS happened:

Uploaded at

OH YEAH, that's him, Marshawn 'BEASTMODE' Lynch!!!!
My buddy gifted one of his masks to him! The one YOURS TRULY was wearing, as a matter of fact!!!

Still sore as hell, think I might have shin splints! My throat is still raw and voice is still quite messed up, but WHAT A DAY!!!!!

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New Post! December 08, 2016 @ 01:38:26 am
It was the best game.

Watched it from the comfort of our living room.

But am sure it was exciting to be there.
Definitely saved bucks by 'walking on' the ferry.

Hope your feet and voice recover soon!

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