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On September 24, 2021 Jennifer1984

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Meanwhile, Back At Swim Club.............
October 10, 2020 @ 06:44:07 pm

Those who read my last journal entry in June will remember that one of Megan's swimming coaches, Nigel, succumbed to Coronavirus.

His family were so overwhelmed by the tributes placed by the children he taught, and by the love that they all had for him, that they set up a little annual memorial prize in his name at the pool where the Penzance Dolphins meet twice a week for coaching and training sessions. It's not much, but it matters to the kids.

I am immensely proud therefore, to inform everybody that today, Megan was awarded the inaugural Nigel Treveathy Prize for "Making the most progress this year". She so loves to swim. The pool being closed for months was hell on earth for her and when it re-opened, oh, the pestering "Can we go swimming today please, mummy.... please.... PLEAAAAAAASE..."

So today, she had her picture taken at poolside for the local press as she was awarded her little medal and certificate.

I admit, I almost had a little bubble out of sheer pride. It was close.

The council have put a framed photo of Nigel in the foyer of the pool and gym and there is a vase for flowers too. His family have been through a lot and we think it's a fitting tribute for somebody who was highly thought of and very much loved by the children.

When we got home Amanda said to Meg that she should treasure this award because it's her first ever swimming medal. She asked what's the biggest swimming medal you can get so I told her that the most important one is an Olympic gold medal, and then I put on our DVD of the London Olympics and she watched Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky.

"I want one of those one day." She said.

I think I might have just become a "Swimming Mum".

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New Post! October 10, 2020 @ 08:01:15 pm
congratulations for both of you !

i remember when my mom tried teached me to swim. My mom wasn't a good teacher. my mom put around me in the water. a life reserver with sand on it.


Foolish Bombu

New Post! October 10, 2020 @ 08:18:09 pm
Yes, a good story from Jennifer.

Back in time my daughter, about 5, was knocked over by a wave while paddling in the sea, getting a mouthful of seawater and screaming. She was afraid to go back in. We started taking her to the local swimming centre where this stern lady gave lessons to the little ones. Watching, we saw my daughter clinging onto the side, afraid to let go, even though her head was well out of the water. The instructor was having none if it, driving her away from the side. Happy to relate, within a couple of months we watched as our little mite ran across the diving board to leap into the water. Always been grateful for that instructor, who was the wife of a guy at work. Sadly, she died of cancer a few years later.


Returner and proud

New Post! October 16, 2020 @ 06:57:02 pm
I watch Megan like a hawk when we're at the beach. She knows all the safety rules and is very good with them, but I admit that I'm a fusspot and won't let her out of my sight.

But she's as good as gold and mostly only goes in the sea to splash and paddle with her friends. The water here is very clean. We have great beaches (plug for Cornwall) but the tides on the South West Approaches can be treacherous. When I see that tide flag go up the pole, I have her out of the water. No ifs. No buts. Mother has spoken.

There is a new coach at the pool now. Katie is a lovely girl and has already made an impression with the kids. I just hope there isn't another lockdown and the pools and gyms get closed again. That would really be disheartening for all the children.

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