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"Only evolution and other women know what women want"
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TFS Journal
The Christmas Things To Do List For A Mother Of An Infant School Child.
December 14, 2018 @ 07:13:32 pm
Go to school Christmas concert
Go to school Christmas Play
Go to school Christmas Fayre
Move all my belongings to school and live there. It'd be easier.
Buy Christmas jumper for school Christmas jumper day.
Bake a lorryload of mince pies for various other events.
Bake own mince pies for eating at home. If I'm ever there.
Buy daughter's teacher a Christmas gift for daughter to give her. Vodka should do it.
Buy self a bottle of vodka. And drink it.
Buy ALL things Christmas that are put before me.
Sponsor ALL things Christmas that daughter is involved in.
Take a big heap of pound coins to school and throw them randomly around the playground just in case I missed buying or sponsoring anything.
Something about a Jesus themed fancy dress contest... or was that just a bad dream?
Bring in eyeballs on skewers for PTA Christmas raffle.
Donate a kidney to school Christmas hamper for local hospital.

You know something.... I actually like Christmas.

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