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"Merveilles de myst"
On October 23, 2016 IndieMonet727

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, Texas
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Age: 31
Gender: F
United States
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About Me
I'm the biggest dork you shall ever have the pleasure of meeting.

I also like sharp, pointy things.

Who I Want To Meet
I've always found this section to be strange. I just want to meet people, yam it.

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My Journal
New posts Summer is coming...
New posts Everyone is getting so old
New posts I think theres a pattern! I think life is telling me to follow it!
New posts A perfectly well balanced rant.
New posts It shouldn't bother me! But it does. Guess I really DO care about what people think of me


My Interests (11)
reading (2096), writing (985), camping (359), travelling (110), laughing (96), watching football (10), playing football (7), belly dancing (3), learning different languages, fishing...,
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