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On February 17, 2010 IcyMist

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Tampa, Florida
Joined: Aug 2008

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Age: 121
Gender: F
Location: Tampa
United States
Posts: 1266
PLS: ? 89.47
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About Me
Hmmmm nothing really interesting about me. I was in the Navy, went aboard a ship in San Francisco and we were suppose to go to Greece, but the greek government didn't want us sad is that? Then when I got out of the Navy I started working for attorneys. I am a word processing operator.

Who I Want To Meet
I would love to meet John Wayne because he had the look about him that said if you are a friend, you are a friend for life.

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My Journal
I have no life

My Interests (8)
crafts (66), garden (10), fish (10), cook (8), needlework (5), i love to fish (3), sing in the shower (when nobody can hear me) and did i mention i like to fish yet?,
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