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On August 14, 2022 HiImDan

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Ever been to Disney?
June 26, 2021 @ 08:37:42 pm
They gots these little characters with a ruler and usually read "you must be this tall to ride this"? Well I think my bank has a similar sign which reads "your IQ cannot exceed double digits to work here". Today was no different, I walked in and evidently stood in the wrong line was immediately rebuked for standing in the wrong one, I apologized and explained the I was legally blind. Next, she snapped "is this for Key plus?" To which I said "I have no idea what that is" She barks "what do you want?" I showed her my coin roll and said "I want to cash these in" "WHAT??" (oh, boy, this is a rocket scientist) "Can I get cash for these?" "that's it?" "Um...yeah." "Well you should have said so" This woman looked a tad familiar, I wonder if she's the same one who, when I tried to cash some change before found a dime in with a penny roll, hands it to me, I gave her a penny and she says "you'll need 9 more, sir" I asked her "are you sure working at a banks a good investment?" At least her coworkers got a good laugh at her.

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New Post! June 27, 2021 @ 07:38:11 pm
Next time you go to the bank, just bring a bucket full of coin, seek her out, and ask if she knows how to sort ém out so that the big ones are on the top!!!

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