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On May 29, 2020 Hellchild

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St. Louis, Missouri, Puerto Ri
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Age: 121
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Puerto Rico
United States
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TFS Journal
Daddy Raped Me
May 23, 2020 @ 06:04:20 am
It was a slimy night. Coughed up transparent green liquid. Daddy warned me of the beating and stabbing to death he would have gotten from grandma if he were me and had done what I had done. Beat me up in the same way he said grandma would have him if he were me. Daddy suddenly had a concerned, compassionate and timid expression and attitude and brought me the hospital to "end my mental agony once and for all." Tranquilized there. Hallucinated rainbow spots everywhere. The doctor removed my penis and replaced it with a whore's mutilated vagina, and I had never been so happy and content before this wonderful thing happened. Blasted me home in the car. Urgently blocked up every single opening in our house, creating the most possible darkness. Impulsively cut off the rest of his penis from the foreskin up to replace it with a heroin syringe (this is my very favorite part!) so that only the rushing blood from his boner at seeing me could push out the heroin into my anus. Miraculously, it felt more amazing than any insemination ever could have, and I, a teenage motherf***er, became pregnant in just two days and gave birth just two weeks after that. My daughter turned out beautiful, with pure black, far-apart eyes, fangs and no hair, and wonderfully capable of haunting all my enemies as long as they live.

Want to visit my daughter? Just send me your home address and I'll mail her shipshape to you! Just make sure you return her to my house in College Hill in St. Louis (just pick a house there and drop her off).

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