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"Bathe the Whales!"
On November 18, 2018 Flapjacks

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Austin, Texas
Joined: Mar 2009

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Age: 23
Gender: F
Location: Austin
United States
Posts: 1180
PLS: ? 31.43
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About Me
My name is Victoria! I am nineteen years old, and I am from Austin, Texas. I love to talk to new people. I have a quirky sense of humor and I love TFS because people here are older and therefore a lot more mature than people on other sites. Talk to me sometime! I like friends!

Who I Want To Meet
God, Gary Oldman, Charlie Chaplin, Barack Obama (so I can scream at him and blame him for all of my problems), Joseph Merrick, Sofia Vassilieva, Greg Holden, Johnny Depp

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My Journal
New posts Meh
New posts I'm Disgusting.
New posts Not Giving Up...
New posts It Makes You Think.
New posts Weird...


My Interests (17)
music (3952), writing (983), boys (695), computers (406), food (353), animals (344), poetry (270), cats (183), talking (149), love (124), life (105), laughing (96), god (59), baking (46), jokes (31), humor (20), smiling (10),
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