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On June 11, 2021 Erimitus

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Post digestive nuggets
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catch 22
September 28, 2019 @ 01:55:33 pm
Catch 22
So, I received a smartphone in the mail. To use it I need a pin number and to get the pin number I have to access messaging but to get messaging I need my pin number. Alas.

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New Post! September 28, 2019 @ 02:20:57 pm
I got a new smartphone in the mail a couple of weeks ago, it was an early birthday present from my bother. I been using a flip phone for a past year. the last couple of months, I been a rough time with my flip phone. I infected by one of those computerwise call. a big computer somewhere use random phone numbers, and I was in sense, home, and I was dumb enough to picked up my phone one day.

I get about 20 of these turkey calls a day, despited that fact, I changed my phone numbers, the turkeys got me again. my brother is only one usually call me on my flip phone. I also from my brother, that I find out that I never set up my voicemail on my phone. he couldn't leave a message. I found out that att had my voicemail setup for me on my landline phone. now, I got rid my att voicemail, and on my consumer cellular's ( this company is really excellent and I got great deal on a smartphone and great plan for under 30 dollars a month. ) voicemail. this smartphone block all those computer turkey calls for me, and tell how to get rid the human unwanted turkeys calls.

I had to set up a password for my internet with an agent over a phone. if you ever need a fast password for anything, you should use a strong generate password website, they are great tools.

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