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"Post-digestive- nuggets"
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Post digestive nuggets
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That nice President Trump
January 09, 2019 @ 02:25:57 am

I am in favor of building a wall as long as Mexico pays for it as promised.

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New Post! January 09, 2019 @ 02:44:48 am
I honestly think he bit off more than he can chew.

Considering that the H.R.'s bill is in line with what the Republican Senate had wanted... aka bipartisan agreement... I don't see Pelosi and her crowd backing down. If they do, I think Trump will absolutely win in 2020.

On the other hand, Trump at this point has everything to loose... if he caves he will be a lame duck... maybe a crippled duck. If he doesn't cave in, he's going to have to convince the Senate to take up his cause, BIG TIME.

He should have taken a page from RR... negotiate for a portion of what you want, then come back later for the rest.

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