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The mind of God, Antarctica
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Though disinclined to talk about myself, I feel I can post an anonymous sketch with impunity. It is a mistake, of course, to tell all; even when it is done anonymously. That which I present is that which I believe to be true, however, I will still keep my deepest private self behind its facade. To this extent, and within these limits, I will attempt a self assessment. And remember, of course, that how I see my self, and how I really am are two entirely different things. And others (of course) see me each from their own perspective. When we ask a person who they are they tell us what they are. I am a man; a young man trapped in a tired old body. I do not believe that it is possible to know who or what I am and even if I knew, I would not tell, so the best that i can offer is, I am what I am.

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an honest man

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