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August 16, 2011 @ 08:06:02 pm
My fiances friend was in an accident today when she was riding her horse up the road to the stable. As she was walking the horse up the hill on the way back. A car appeared from behind her and went straight through the horse and her the horse has been killed instantly as it was almost broken in 2 when it landed after the impact. The girl riding the horse was extremely lucky and has come out of it with a few scratches and bruises. The car involved had its roof ripped off but the driver still managed to get it round a corner before it hit a wooden post and split the engine in 2!

We don't know the full details of the crash yet or whether the driver was drunk at the wheel. Regardless of the result of the investigation we have started a petition to get the speed limit on country roads lowered.

Please sign it now and tell your friends! otherwise next time it could be someone you know.

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