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"Goonies never say die!"
On December 24, 2011 Eda

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Newport, United Kingdom
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Age: 40
Gender: F
Location: Newport
United Kingdom
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About Me
I am deep. Very Bloody deep. (I'd treat that confession with a pinch of salt) If I start thinking something over or contemplating, from a small paper cut accident I am able to create an avalanche, and that's only in my head.

I put reasoning over emotions - that's why I left so much behind without taking a second look. Now I feel stupid...

I always know what I want, although it is so hard to actually get it... I have recently quit ciggies (yeah, right) , so I can't say I am addicted to anything, although I believe a small, innocent addiction, makes a person. (Like this wonderful cup of coffee every morning, and afternoon, and evening, and then even maybe late at night..)

I love people with passions. I know how to listen and I have to picture everything I hear in my head (It's really annoying - try telling me about your problems with pooing and you know what I will see everytime we meet).

I am good, I used to be evil (-ish), but I have just grown up and decided it's boring. Now I am an agel, seriously.

I love my parents. I really do, although they sometimes (correction) always find a way to get on my nerves.

I am afraid of moths - God WHY??!!

I just want to have peace of mind, 42" plasma TV and people who will respect me.

Who I Want To Meet
People with passions, outrageous individuals, not afraid of their own opinions and beliefs, wild and a little bit arrogant, but charming enough to be forgiven

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I have no life

My Interests (7)
movies (1103), photography (491), video games (490), computers (406), beer (74), drawing and generally making people addicted to my presence.,
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