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"Delta dont fire from the hip"
On April 04, 2021 Delta62

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massive spam journal
September 24, 2010 @ 09:18:37 pm

shouldnt i be drunk for this?
perhaps i do have the alcohol for it but how long will it take to get me drunk enough for me not to shut the f*** up?
now i need only 40,000 - 38,797 which is, drunk roll please mike, f*** if i knows without a mother f***ing calculator haha, just give me a second to whip this out 1203.

[gibberish] there is no words for you just: [more gibberish].
I gotta lotta issues that i wanna work out on you guys today, im gonna teach you all about BLUNT.FORCE.TRAUMA!!!.
laid low like i said so.
sorry i can't hear you with my bullet in your mouth.
now i really need some more material perhaps i shall drink some more yes that will work just lemme get some more beers, perhaps i should go out and buy more smokes due to my increased alcohol consumption.
In deader and deader there are two actors from star trek the guy that plays flox and the guy that plays quark.
the woman in the beginning looks hot shame she gets bitten and turned into a zombie then killed off within like the first 20 minutes of the film, well what do you expect for a dumb as doctor eh? now the chef on the other hand is one funny guy.

and if you want even funnier try snow dead in one scene one guy uses a chainsaw to chop off his hand like in the evil dead series then a zombie pops up from the snow and bites him in the d*** now thats one area that you can't fully amputate.

i wonder how many points will make it through boot camp? and how did a muppet like you pass selection with a name like soap eh?

i really need to cut my hair maybe i won't go to super cuts or f*** with a chef while he is in his kitchen then again it is me so i will f*** with his head.

perhaps it is time for a total johnson beat down of the points system because this will probably give me enough points to make SGT johnson from halo cry worse than the covanent did when i blew up their raggady a** fleet.
this better be in the 50 points range or im going to open a can of whoop a** on this mother f***er and tear it a bloody new a** hole
perhaps ill write more later

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