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On June 22, 2009 Dash

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Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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Age: 29
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About Me
Sup guys. Thanks for viewing my profile . Feel free to IM or email me!

So then, I'll just start off with the basics. I'm 16, 5'10", green eyes, red hair.

I'm an uber-whitebelt in martial arts. I have roughly a 8 (2.5 meter, I think) foot kick height, I can fight like hell, and I can do all sorts of crazy flips & twists . I know, I know. "No white belt can do that!". Oh really now? Watch this:

Pwnt . My youtube profile is dashblades if you want to check out more of my martial arts videos. I hope to be adding more soon.

So that was my athletic side...but actually, I'm EXTREMELY intellectual. One of my absolute favorite things to do is talk about Philosophy, Religion (any kind, really), etc etc. I'm also an avid debater.

I'm also New-Age/Metaphysical. I believe in reincarnation. I believe in "God", though I'm not sure if He/She/It/They are/is an actual "Deity". It may just be a "God-like-force", or something.

Who I Want To Meet
Who do I want to meet? To be honest, I'm not sure. Though I definitely like meeting like-minded people .

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I have no life

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martial arts (182), psychology (132), teaching (22), theology (17), quantum physics (13), reiki (8), crystals (7), autism (5), homosexuality (5), reincarnation (3), runes (3), homeopathy (2), clairaudience, xma, the autistic spectrum, heterosexuality, starseeds, bisexuality, clairvoyance, indigos, clairsentient,
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