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On May 16, 2021 Cpat92

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How much one can take
November 14, 2018 @ 05:24:06 am
Sometimes it wouldn’t kill you to start assignments early

So in my last class yesterday, we saw a video on unsolved cases. In the video one of them were based on the assignment we have due at the end of Thanksgiving break. At the beginning of class she asked if we were given the assignment and two of responded. I continued with a comment on what I thought of the case so far (it’s a hot mess). She responded and then put on the film. At the end she asked about the assignment to start a discussion, then asked if anyone started researching the case. She mentioned she knows I did. The room was quiet. At that point she was done. She congratulated us, but wonder if we learned a damn thing. She dismissed us then stormed out of class. I didn’t see her face leaving, but I know she was disappointed. I kind of feel bad.

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