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On May 01, 2019 Commander4th

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, United Kingdom
Joined: Jul 2012

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Age: 41
Gender: M
Yorkshire and The Humber
United Kingdom
Posts: 2940
PLS: ? 36.82
Joined:: Jul 09, 2012
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About Me
OK im very opinionated, i will argue with you untill you admit im right, if i hurt your feelings its not because i want to i would never go out of my way to do that its more to do with you taking something the wrong way, which is your problem not mine.
Ive been bodybuilding for nearly a year with impressive results which is f***ING KILLING ME, it can be so hard to stay motivated with so many temptations, booze, late nights, greasy food (why does it all taste so good)
If you hurt yourself im the type of person who will stand and laugh his head off at you, i cant help it (dont judge me) but i would also be your greatest friend
I prefer cats than dogs, yeah im a pussy loving guy........ there's a joke in there somewhere, lol, I cant stand hardly any of todays bulls*** music I prefer older rock music like AC/DC, Guns N Roses (when they were great), Metallica

Who I Want To Meet
Hopefully God when the time come's

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I have no life

My Interests (4)
snooker/pool, and i follow hull city fc, i enjoy lifting weights,
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