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Turtle Ninja

New Post! Just Venting!
June 27, 2013 @ 11:38:44 pm
So my ex and I were together for five years. The first three years were amazing. We moved to Oklahoma for his career and I was there for two years. He was a Marine Corps recruiter, and I followed.

In the gist we did not last. I met one of his flings who he recruited into the corps but got kicked out of basic and she was only 18 at the time. I met a few others and heard from even more. I had put my all into it, and got my little heart broke of course. He blamed me for being at work too much (I was a manager in a retail store and pretty much lived there and at one point worked two full-time jobs just for money so we could go out together and have fun)

Finally had enough in November after a huge blowout where he threw my fine china all over the kitchen floor and blamed me for not getting over his mistakes.

I met a guy the beginning of this year who has the perfect balance of things in common and things not in common. Our personalities match great! We have to do a lot of traveling to see each other because he's from the UK

Anyway, my ex, who at one point I would have done anything for calls me and ask why I haven't gone home yet. Like back to Oklahoma. He keeps texting from numbers I don't know, Facebook messaging, calling, whatever about how sorry he is and how he wants forever with me. Blah, blah, blah....he knows I'm still not fully over it. It was a long time!

So, why be sweet now!? And I hate that it still bothers me. Why are people so evil!? I told him it's not happening, and that I could talk to him without hating him, but I will never be with him again. Now all of a sudden he is being vefry sweet, and flirtatious with me like the first three years and said it's becuase he no longer has stress from being a recruiter....I feel like I'm in progress of messing up a good relationship by even talking to him, but at the same time, he was a friend before a boyfriend...and this sucks!

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Turtle Ninja

New Post! advice would be amazing!
November 17, 2012 @ 03:31:41 pm
So to the point. I am doing terrible at work. I'm trying my hardest but nothing is working. I need to pay my bills, and have asked to drop to part time multiple times but keep being told no by my district manager and all the other managers are getting pissed at me. I was diagnosed with a rare skin cancer in October and am having to keep going to the doctors. Well, I work in retail and we have black Friday coming up and when the doctor scheduled a consultation for a 2nd surgery on the 21st my store manager got mad becuase its the day before black friday. I was cornered by another manager saying I need to "soul search" and I have big desicions to make. I tried making it easy for the other managers by opting for part time, I've asked for a set schedule, but both were denied. After my first surgery I had a drainage tube in my side and worked like that for a week. I took pain meds once and was pulled to the side by the store manager because they made me loopy and I couldn't stop giggling so it annoyed the other managers. So now I'm stuck in a f***ed up situation of being able to afford my home and get my treatment. How can I keep my job and do medical? I'm too overwhelmed to concentrate and I'm just getting depressed

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Turtle Ninja

New Post! this year sucks
July 14, 2012 @ 09:48:02 pm
I moved 2000 miles away from home to be with some idiot boy. We were together for 4 years, and moved to Oklahoma for the Marine Corps. This year we broke up becuase he started getting crazy. I met a girl he cheated on me with for over 3 months, found out he cheated on me with a 40 something year old mom, he never had any money becuase he was always taking a new girl out, and was doing everything with other girls that I wanted to do. I got two promotions in less than 2 months than got fired becuase my 19 year old supervisor asked me what I thought of her and told her the truth, and had to find a new job, a new car, and a place to live becuase my awesome "boyfriend" took me off the lease and lied about it. Then he tells me he wants me back, and he cheated on me becuase I was always at work. No s*** I was at work. It paid our bills while he was f***ing around and taking all these girls to shows I wanted to see but couldn't becuase of work. People in Oklahoma suck I picked up two full time jobs just to get him everything he wanted for christmas last year spending 1500 on him, and he got me a 50 dollar jewelry box. Who the heck cheats on someone for working their a** off to get them what they want!? I hate men......just venting! Oh, and I went on one date and then met that guys girlfriend. Is there one honest guy in this world in my generation!?

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Turtle Ninja

New Post! I never want kids. Ever!
March 30, 2011 @ 05:12:37 pm
First, to any member that's a parent and/or wanting to be a parent might think this is harsh; you are doing something I could never do! Parenthood!

For the past couple of months I have been watching my nephews and a couple other kids. Thier ages range from 1-4. They all drive me crazy! I find food in the most random areas becuase they stash it for some unknown reason. They have managed to break the unbreakables and my only possesions. They have the worst attitudes and blame each other for everything. In the past two days I have had to clean couches of markers, broken glass lamps, exploded lotions, baby powder, torn coloring books, grafitti off walls, peanutbutter and jelly off my only sneakers...the list goes on.

I know they understand me when I tell them "no," because they tell each other no and me as well. Then these little brats get out of bed in the middle of every night and run around. I get no sleep because of it and have to wake up early. They are mean, violent, loud, spoiled and down right EVIL!

I NEVER EVER ever ever ever want kids of my own! EVER! I'm am ready to go play in a freeway myself if it means peace away from these little spawns of Satan. Nothing is good enough for either of them and they refuse to eat anything I give them, but as soon as I turn my back they want to eat what I just made. WTF?

I am never going to deal with kids after this. Oklahoma is starting to sound like paradise. Please god almight, make May get here soon!

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Turtle Ninja

New Post! I need to vent, Sorry!
January 26, 2011 @ 07:47:36 pm

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New Post! Student loans suck.
January 22, 2011 @ 08:36:13 pm
Yes, they do. Having them consolidated sucks even more.

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Turtle Ninja

New Post! Reasons people ignore you....
December 10, 2010 @ 01:00:39 am
I can't think of any right now but have been ignored since this morning. I can't figure out if idiot's even ok since he's 700 miles south. I'm just mad and need smiles

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Turtle Ninja

New Post! What does it mean?
November 14, 2010 @ 11:32:16 am
I have prowlers who have been harrassing my family for the past year. They've assualted my brother outside of the house and bang on our windows and the sides of our house. They use rabbit calls on one tone that sound like a woman screaming. I stay inside when they're here with candles (if they're dumb enough to cut my power), lights on, a flash night, my ciggerettes, and either a 22 ruger or a smith &wesson 9mm.

The sheriffs have been on this case over a year and no results. I won't go outside because a few nights ago we heard them outside, and one looked hunched over carrying what looked like a hunting rifle. We pretty much live in bum f*** egypt and have very few neighbors.

It's like they want us to go outside which is a HEELLLL NO! to me, but they have plenty opprotunities to break in when we're not here. They start around 7pm leave and will come back till around 3am on random nights. I'm sleeping with a glock (on safety, I have ribbons for expert shooter and awards for my shot), lights and in the middle of the day now. I don't know what the hell they want!

Plus, we have moition sensored lights and they know where to go to not trigger them. Can someone help figure out what is is they want? I'm always tired, and I'm super trigger happy right now! All I want is to be able to sleep during sleeping hours!

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Turtle Ninja

New Post! Bounderies
November 06, 2010 @ 06:35:06 am
I just had a huge blowout with my boyfriend a few nights ago almost ending in a break-up. That next day I get text messeges from my boyfriends best friend asking me for my girls number, and then asking me NOT to tell my boyfriend about his new tattoo (he sent three pictures) spreading across his chest and that he moved into his own place.

Even though my bf and I fought I still told him his friend made me feel awkward asking me not to tell him about those texts and the pictures he sent. My boyfriend seemed really bottled up the last couple of months and after I told him about those texts lately he has been his super happy self.

That's his best friend and brother-in-arms, but I can't help but think that a lot of Jon's bottling up had to do with his best friend. Considering he's the one my bf vents to about everything and is always with.

I didn't give him the ultimatum of him or me or any at all, but at the same time I want to shoot that boy in his face! Tonight on the phone my bf asked me if my girl ever got a call from his bestie since that was "why" his bestie ever so coincidently texted me after our huge blowout. He never even contacted her after I gave him her number.

Advice would be awesome, but I really think that my bf asked me if his bestie even called my girl for a reason. Any advice?

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