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On October 08, 2012 Brandy2005

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Fort Collins, Colorado
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Age: 119
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Hello everybody! My name is Brandy, and I'm 5, going on 6. I was born in a little piece of Hell, something the two-leggers call a "Puppy Mill". Where I was repeatedly raped and beaten, kept in a tiny cage barely big enough to carry me, and was even more crowded when the puppies came. Everytime my number was called, I knew what was coming. I don't know where they took my babies, and I miss them terribly. I was finally rescued from that place, and spend some time in a pound, and I was one day away from being put down. I was then rescued again by a no-kill shelter, who named me "Elsie". Eww. Horrible it smelled, and I had to fight for every bite of food from bigger dogs, dig my own nest, and wait for whatever was coming. That's when I met mommy. She didn't seem interested in the little guys like all the ones before were, she just saw me, and I knew she'd save me. I love my home now, although daddy scares me often when he stomps around yelling and almost stepping on me. I'd appreciate it if people on here were gentle.

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mommy\'s bed! hand-outs, licking our guests to death., my sister pauline,
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