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On November 25, 2021 Boxcat70

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Derby, United Kingdom
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Car trouble.
July 02, 2021 @ 03:08:59 pm
My fiance's car got taken to a garage to get fixed. I think the mechanics where incompetent rip off merchants. They told 'her' to order the parts, and when she brought them in and they 'fixed' it, the car still did'nt work properly. So they have been reported. Meanwhile, my beloved is (hopefully) getting a new car tomorrow.

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New Post! July 02, 2021 @ 03:21:18 pm
from my family's experience, not mine. but my mom and my sister's experiences with car mechanicans in the past. it is vary rare, you can find a honest mechanican. the impress that i can get from, everybody or car business screw everybody one way or other. your woman get her new car inspect first before, buy it.


New Post! July 02, 2021 @ 05:39:26 pm
Her dad is going with her, so he'll know what to look for. I'll remind her to test drive first. Cheers buddy.


New Post! July 02, 2021 @ 06:02:51 pm
I refuse to take my car in for the Air-Bag recall because I don't trust dealerships. I'll take it in and suddenly "this needs fixed, that's broke, replace these" ....

I have good, independent mechanic that has a great reputation.

Old car had a brake line leak. Went to different shop for "convenience". "We can fix the break, but it might cause more leaks. Better to replace all the lines" Sounded reasonable, except the $1500 estimate.
I wasn't ready to sink that much into an old beater.

Took it to my regular mechanic - $400. I kept asking questions and practically grilled him to make sure we were talking about the same thing.

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