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On March 21, 2019 Aliearia03

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March 10, 2019 @ 04:59:25 pm



I REALLY needed this! I remember how I felt last year around this time when the thoughts of the world stage was so much more intimidating. Time has brought more clarity & a sense of acceptance in many ways. There's been so much more revealed since then & through the acceptance of who we are, along with the reassurance that's come from some of the "in-the-know" ancestral lines, most moments of moving forward are now much more comfortable than others. Meaning, I'm in a state of realization & acceptance of my purpose, have faith in our fulfillment of purpose that comes along with the spiritual awakening that brings us together as one, but I'm also going through the process of climbing the mountain that's filled with sleeping souls who want nothing more than to block progress due to blinders over the eyes of the majority surrounding me daily. This is obviously the spiritual becoming one with the material, the human side becoming one with the spiritual messenger/warrior side of who we are. I also feel this to be the final phase of the removal of the veil aka the opening of the doors that were unseen until this divinely designed moment in time. I'm fully aware of the fact that all those awakened & enlightened spiritually ascended beings in this process of fulfilling the most ancient of promises have known who they are, the role they are to play in this process of awakening humanity & it's been a bit frustrating at times when those of us who are the more recently awakening messengers have taken much longer in this process. Maybe it's just me, but I've found myself standing in the mirror with a puzzled & agitated expression on my face, as well as tremendous pressure in my heart, saying,"what must I do to get to the top of this mountain, as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death that happens to be all of the sleeping sheeple surrounding me throughout my lifetime." Then I realign my thoughts to the brighter side of this mountain where visions of all sheeple awakening & finally we are seen for who we are & able to be the changes we've come to be in this lifetime, with ease & comfort found in all of us along the way. The wayseers are called wayseers for a reason. This is NOT a job we fill out an application to obtain. The qualifications for this job is created as a part of our spirit, a very ancient spiritual part of the Universal Creation, seen & unseen. I used to ask the questions...

1. Why can't the ppl who are following & watching just knock on the door, send a letter or speak without encoding this language & map?
2. Why must I go through this maze of Babel?
3. Where is the final destination we are headed towards & why aren't we there yet?

Many questions have now been answered, so I know it's almost time to take all of the advice, good advice, from those who've had these answers while I've just awakened to many of the questions & answers. I now realize the journey IS the destination, like the story of the Pilgrim's Progress. I now realize the reasons why a map isn't left in the mailbox providing a material route to take & a final destination plotted out by a secret society Grand Master. Davinci Code scenes flood my mind as I'm typing, lol. I picture the JOB 38:11 "key"stone & the "wanna-be-angel" imposter Silas creeping up behind the sister, with that sour look on his face, demanding a map to the answers he seeks as she calls the 4 names on the list, frantically seeking someone to give her instructions on what to do next in a situation she didn't see coming. The realization that there has always been an ancient, divinely designed plan that we are a part of is life altering in itself. I've often wondered if I would've known 10 yrs ago what I know now would I have slammed the door on my purpose out of fear & the complexity of it all, in fulfilling my purpose that's known as "the burden" in the Bible. The answer to that is surely clear now...THERE'S NO WAY THAT'S EVEN POSSIBLE! All of the tools necessary for fulfillment of purpose is within us. I picture a scene from the movie "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" where Sisily Tyson tells her daughter she has the strength God gave her as a woman to not only get through the toughest of life's tests, but also to carry us through all of life's walls & darkness into the light & positive changes of a new brighter morning. This is the light=truth=power within us.
So, thank you for all of the advice & the reminders we need to move forward. This truly is "THE BECOMING" process & the fulfillment of the divinely designed plan. You are so appreciated!

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