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December 06, 2018 @ 04:05:32 am

THE WATCHERS (Advanced Class)


The world is witnessing ORIGINAL TRUTH...ANGELS ARE REAL! When the call comes, pick up the mics! THE LIGHT is here! WAKING THEM UP is the name of this game & the Master Warriors have come prepared. The real question is, ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? The path gets more narrow at the top & in the end there's only room for 2, YOU & TRUTH! Where are YOUR treasures? Your focus reveals the answer! The world is watching! What will the future generations look back into history & see as being YOUR treasures? Each sovereign soul's focus is where treasures are found in a lifetime. What will your GREATgrands see in the future? Will they say you were a positive supporter for change & truth? We are the changes we ALL seek! Be the change! UNITY IS THE KEY! WE RISE AS ONE!

AMOS 5:8
JOHN 17:



John 17 King James Version (We are NOT of THIS WORLD!) We ALL have a home. As far as "home on Earth," just passing through. Even the darkest of nights are eventually illuminated by the sun & there's rainbows that come after the rain. The comforter is here. We are ONE! Leanin' in so you can lean on me & I'll need you to lean on too. Peace, Love & Light. C U SOON!




LEAN ON ME with Morgan Freeman, Mrs. POWERS in BLUE, bathrooms & angelic voices in songs (EMPOWERING THROUGH SONG & UNITY)

Michelle Obama gets real during her book tour, takes a shot at 'leaning in' amid rock star treatment during New York City appearance

Roughly 19,000 fans packed the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Saturday night to hear Michelle Obama speak about her new memoir "Becoming."The book has claimed the title of best-selling book of the year with over 2 million copies sold in its first week.Obama spoke candidly about her path from the South Side of Chicago to the White House, taking a shot at a popular phrase associated with female empowerment.

Carmin Chappell

Published 1:44 PM ET Sun, 2 Dec

(144,000=ET "SUN"day 12/2/2018=222= Bread/Grace/Time)
SEE? in BC? (YES, I SEE!) 1 eye in the circle

'Becoming', a book by former first lady Michelle Obama, is displayed at the 57th Street Books bookstore on November 13, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. 

Former First Lady Michelle Obama took to the stage in Brooklyn on Saturday to promote her book, and dazzled the crowd with anecdotes about her life and marriage to the first African-American president.

Although billed as "An Intimate Conversation with Michelle Obama," the energy at the former First Lady's book tour stop in New York City was more akin to a rock concert, with roughly 19,000 fans packed into Brooklyn's Barclays Center to hear Obama speak about her new memoir "Becoming." In barely a week, the book claimed the title of best-selling book of the year with over 2 million copies sold.

Saturday's stop on the 10-city tour was completely sold out. The day before the event, tickets on resale site StubHub ranged from $130 for the upper level to $3,700 for a front row seat.

As an upbeat playlist curated by The Roots' Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson blasted through the speakers, dozens lined up at the merchandise booths to purchase everything from t-shirts plastered with "Work to create the world as it should be" to lily-scented candles that read "Find your flame and keep it lit."

Obama, sporting a white pantsuit, spent the evening speaking candidly about her path from the South Side of Chicago to the White House, and the lessons learned along the way. The former first lady dazzled the audience with anecdotes about the "white flight" that changed her South Shore neighborhood in the 1960s, to the high school counselor who once told her she was not "Princeton material."

"It's sad that it's so frequent, and it still happens," she said. "When somebody sets your bar lower for you than you think."

Roy Rochlin | Getty Images News | Getty Images

Former first lady Michelle Obama visits The Lower Eastside Girls Club to meet and greet the members and discuss her new book 'Becoming' on December 01, 2018 in New York City.

'It's not always enough to lean in'

She was also blunt in describing her marriage to Barack Obama, whose own ambition "forced me to think about myself and think about my path." Balancing motherhood and a career was difficult with her husband away from home most days running for state senator, she said.

"It's not always enough to lean in, 'cause that [expletive] doesn't work all the time," she remarked, referencing the book and mantra created byFacebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Although she promptly apologized for swearing, she electrified a crowd that seemed unaccustomed to hearing a former First Lady speak unrestrained.

Obama gave her condolences to former President George H.W. Bush, who passed away Friday, and spoke about her friendly relationship with former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura. When the Obamas first moved to the White House, the Bush family extended a warm welcome despite their ideological differences.

"The partisanship that we see doesn't have to be the norm," she said. "We can't just look at each other as R's and D's, and the Bushes showed us that." Though Obama didn't mention President Donald Trump by name, she spoke pointedly about using "fear as a way to motivate or lead."

She added: "Fear is a cycle that other people use to keep us divided."

"I think about the kids whose lives are transformed because we gave them a little light. If they could walk into the White House and feel welcome…then they could do anything."-Michelle Obama, Former First Lady

As First Lady, one of Obama's main goals was to host more programs for children at the White House. She teared up talking about a girl from the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota, who said that her visit to the White House saved her life.

"I think about the kids whose lives are transformed because we gave them a little light," she said. "If they could walk into the White House and feel welcome…then they could do anything."

For many eager attendees, the tour was larger than the book itself, also marking Obama's return to the public sphere after the change in administration.

"I love Michelle Obama," said Charifa Smith, 43, from Brooklyn, who had just finished posing with one of the many life-size posters of Obama stationed around the arena for photo-ops. "I'm excited about what she's been speaking about. I wanted to come out and just hear her in person."

Stephanie Paradiso, 29, of Maryland received tickets from her mother for her 29th birthday. "Michelle's philosophy on girl power and girl empowerment is something that's important to me," she said.

After a speaking for a little over an hour, Obama exited the stage to roaring applause and music by Jay Z, a tribute to the Brooklyn venue.

"I'm so inspired," said one attendee filing out of the arena.




(NOTE: There are really only 44 men who've been Presidents)

GROVER. CL"Eve"Land:

Won two non-Exective Terms (22nd 24th PRESIDENT)

How many American citizens know there's ONLY been 44 Presidents? OMG! Does this realization shift the equations concerning changes in the narrative when we consider the importance of Master #s 11-44 influences? Does this apply as historic esoteric language concerning Master #44s & what does this mean when we acknowledge Trump as 45 instead of 44? Realizing, according to historical records, President Obama is really #43="7" (4+3="7" ) Taking these FACTS into consideration, this is the "MOST RIGHTEOUS #7" & the # considered MOST SACRED in ALL ancient texts throughout history. The #7 is the GREATEST MYSTERY OF REVELATIONS & the "RIGHTEOUS #" of STARS seen & counted by Abraham when the covenant was made between him & God in Genesis 15 (Judaism & Islam as well)


(Symbol language = Bab"EL"=1/2+1/2= Big Dipper, Lil Dipper Taurus the Bull=Genesis 15=PLEIADIAN NORDIC'S)

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