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New Post! September 27, 2020 @ 03:33:13 am
@backdoor Said

Those who know me for a long time please don't be cheated away by some of those from the communist domain.

I never join their clan I am always free radical
and with the GOOD FREE WORLD.

Whatever they say via the chip reader is never binding unless they really say that in person and have something tangible to authenticate what has been promised or mentioned.

The Chan Lai Nar people want to replace the Lun's and they ward off everyone that used to know the Lun's.
(Chan that surogate for George Li Tzarchi)

Then they can sell the Lun's ID card with the Li and ask for more than 10 percent proceeds.

Then they plastic surgery into the Lun's faces and take over the assets and name of the good family.

These are murders that wall property walls between walls then use Mau Shan witchcraft resurrection to steal use of the deceased body to steal everything of the deceased. By trapping the original soul inside small boxes of acid, by using DNA items or simply destroying and vanishing the original souls and prevent the soul from returning to the body by a symbol of a dot and a flying comet below ( like that of ) meaning '' do not enter'' at various portals of the body. Like earholes, groin, armpit, and chest.
And with a suture on the head with the DNA of those whose soul they want to inserted into the body.

They- The Chans got slender limbs and small built but they can also steal use of another body to get close. So take heed.
And don't use my profile to lure good quality man to fall into your matrimonial money trap!

I shall and always will be with the '' materialistic and capitalistic good world. '' I am a war jack descendant, I can never join the communist world.
I have to take care of my handicapped war jack papa. I am his only daughter. ( After learnt that my elder brother is not my papa's.)

Tak- phD

Typing error- rephrasing the passage here..

'These are murders that wall property OWNER BETWEEN walls then use Mau Shan witchcraft resurrection to steal use of the deceased body to steal everything of the deceased. '




New Post! September 27, 2020 @ 06:28:15 am





New Post! September 28, 2020 @ 12:02:09 am
Every time I listened to the radio, the classical page gives great Chopin piano music...

Once I asked my piano teacher if she could teach me Chopin's pieces..

She replied:'' Well, you never practise, Chopin pieces need a lot of practise ''.

Every lesson I am with the Boring Baroque, (Bach), the pre-mature Romantic (Beethoven, Mozart and others ) and some fingers practise drills...
There went an hour. And for the 6 months in a year, I was doing RCM music exam pieces..(3 pieces and scales, Aural, Sight-reading )

Only when I started Sonatina, I started practising.
Because it is music to the ears.

Teacher's formula is to put me on the safe side for piano exams.
And also look better that I can pass one song to another faster even if I don't practise enough.

My time for piano then was an hour a day after school before dinner.
My parents never have been too supportive, and I have to thank them for letting me have lessons. It is an '' elite middle class'' game that you send your kids to learn music after school.

UBC requirement for admission is that you have to have '' extra curricular'' activities. So a lot needs to produce at least Grade 13 level of musical instruments or sports achievements.
You have to be an '' all rounded'' person.

Let your kids play what they want to hear. It is very important to keep the interest immense. And don't let any chip reader lines reach onto your child if she is playing on the stage. This could be the acupuncture doll line that makes her palpitation all of a sudden.

When veins start appearing on the back of both hands, you are getting there.

**A note for my uncle: Please get someone to be in touch with me in Vancouver BC Canada get me to UK where you are and you don't need to entrust anyone for money to me. And I don't need to be control by that person either. Thanks. Anything you hear via the chip reader cannot be taken as real for they can use a synthesizer to impersonate anyone's voice and use a show no location reader to do the job.

I don't take anything I converse via the chip as real for this is virtual, unless things happen in person.**



New Post! September 28, 2020 @ 12:30:57 am
Something more about my piano teacher...

She is very nice for she introduced me to earn some money when I was in the junior high, mother never gave enough for I was studying in some elite gal's school and all my class mates attained a certain '' standard of living''. When every one is wearing Adidas, you got to wear at least the cheapest one.

I was playing at Steven Kwok's ballet school they got kids dancing ballet at True Light school. So every Thursday I dressed up like a mama and earned my bucks there.

My piano teacher hates Tchaikovsky.. for he got a '' female sponsor ''.
But his works are one of the best! A good 'painter with music'!

My piano teacher loves Bach, for his works are very '' organised''. Layers of layers of theme in different parts of the treble and base.
And Bach's hair is so '' well fixed with hairspray'', not a single hair stuck out like her.

I love Beethoven for I like him, the hair is '' natural ''.
Free and wild and romantic.
And his works are never with ''formulas''... that you feel you had heard it before.

Mozart is a bit too ''unassuming '' for he could not scare awake some of those ''palace people'' that he played for.
And with later parts of his work, he used a lot of '' formulas''.
Like mix and matching of clothings.

Maybe I shall explore more works of those who wore a wig... for sooner or later, I might have to wear one.
Chopin, Mozart, Liszt etc....

First get me a piano or keyboard. Keyboard is better for the movers cannot take the piano up the small staircase where I am living.
When I feel like playing at night I can put on the headphone.

I gave away my piano for when they see 'single woman renter' with something that needs to spend on movers to move, they tend to make you move every 3 months. These trespasser even broke my pedal, and the hammer inside...trying to '' break my nerves ''.
And they abhor to see I use tapes to tape the hammer back on,
and fix the damn old thing myself and finished a 30 page piece briefly with ordinary pass within a month!
I got some claps upstairs when I finished reciting it once!



New Post! September 29, 2020 @ 05:48:51 am
The keyboard went berserk again....
so I cannot post when I was at Chinatown plaza 4-530pm.
And the voices of those whores that chip read me to attempt stealing my identity claimed the mutilation is theirs and they want something from those who are concerned...
Creating their fame and use fear tactics again.
So I just said these should be beaten up, show their face and their whereabouts. Or make them look much less pretty from now on..

These are whores, beauty means a lot to them, they sell nothing but appearance and sex. They have nothing to advance otherwise.

This is also the reason why I don't want to live like any of them.
Use beauty and sex to lure a rice ticket in, and use kids to bind them
to make a living....maybe this is why they always split half the money and leave. Who can stand such existence being with someone not their first choice in love and yet to be subservient and inferior in position to their mate and kids in the house?

Mother is a housewife..... and she wants to be ''independent''.
I wont want to live a life which I have to wait for someone to bring home money before I have bucks to spend.
And have to account for how I spend the money.
Still have to make it look good to another person in everything I do in order to keep my position in life.

Sign but not sigh on that divorce agreement.
Weep not for you are not her or his best choice
and she or he just serve you for a reason.

That is why a prenuptial is mandatory....

Next time do not let these whores emit a cloud of coolant onto my keyboard or touch pad or anywhere onto my laptop again.
These laptop and devices' impulses work on radiation and convection
and such coldness make the thing go berserk. Thank you for your attention. Thank you.

Tak- PhD


New Post! September 29, 2020 @ 05:58:18 am
Please note Chang Ka Fu at facebook pal list at EK Lun.

He is uncle of my terrible ex David Lau.

Please make sure Lau is not using his voice to chip read me,
or using him to chip read me.

MY GPS is not for sale by my ex.
He is working for Li people selling my ID cards.
And use me to blackmail for jobs, I never got one cent.

For Fung Kwok King Victor attention as well
Also H3 - Bosco Lam is also one of these cousins who work for Li.
Using me and my identity cards/ ID chip GPS to feed on.

I am ruler class. Don't send your stinky dirty hands people around.
Whether I wear decent or casual or not, this is not a way to make me wear nicer...

Thank you for your attention.

Tak - phD


New Post! October 04, 2020 @ 10:51:09 pm
The laptop got berserk for quite a week... and I cannot turn it on.
There is coolant on the top and back of the laptop and even in the keys.
I don't know who sneak in when I am asleep at night and ruin my laptop.
I clean it with acetone and even the ismart name disappear...
and all the paint on the laptop lid...
now it looks like a dirty piece of iron..

I normally have to actually start sleeping after 8am in the morning.
and sleep until 1-2pm and start my routine at Chinatown plaza at 4pm
to be met and to be seen over there.

George Li owns a lot of shares at Telus, and I dont think I can call anyone here without using a public phone. Vice versa.
And with big brother monitoring, my passwords are never safe.
So I need other people to watch the incoming bin of my website with me.

If you are interested try catching me when I am on facebook
message me while I am online.
We use that as a chat room.

EKLun.180 at Facebook. with Lun.yeetak @facebook as one of the friends at facebook.
This is a common log in to write.

[B\]I am never China, I am British Royal Canadian.
Some China and communist b****es with chip readers are stealing my identity and they cannot lose China for they are China agent trained.
So using chip broadcast, they alleged my origin.

***Remaining in the West Free world subjects I shall be all my life.
This is my declaration.*** [/B]

For the past week, it is uneventful.
Except I scolded someone aloud at the mall. I really have to point at him at the nose and scolded with foul before he can get the message.
I am not interested in him and he always walks by sprinkling fish foul sent onto my bags. This guy is Chan Lai Nar related, Mau shan resurrected into a different torso. Never a Chinatown ''oldies'', for that oldie is dead before another soul can use his body.
Wonder how many Chinatown oldies bodies have been compromised by this group of China agent working with the Li, and stealing a lot of the store properties here. Check for anything embedded under the scalp.
Or inserted organs... ( with connection at the veins inside use a chip reader to scan )

I am keeping my routing and staying at Chinatown Vancouver at the moment. How many years I have been putting slips of paper on windshields of cars seeking contingency lawyers?

If any lawyers have been deterred from reaching me by someone using a chip reader, please report police. The police are chip reading me.
So the building of case in soft detent can be more solid.

Messing up of my computer and connection to the internet also constitutes soft detent.



New Post! October 05, 2020 @ 12:07:45 am
Police, please verify with Anny if there is anythign under the subject line in body of text that she sent me. Thank you. I got nothingthere and it happened more than once. And when i was on net today, VanWiFi network free to anyone here tries to put every web address I type to '' invalid certificate'' that means I cannot open anyone of them all of a sudden as I was doing my social media networking....

Please check who do this at VanWifi. thank you. I got the below signon when I tried to open '' the which I post my diary thread everyday for past 15 years. Please check if staff related to Li Kar Shing people are working at VanWifi. Thank you.

It just happened around 5pm thank you.

From Priscilla Lun YeeTak. SIN497237701 . See passport photo attached. Current Address 237E.Hastings St. R308 V6A3P1 Van.BC Canada. ( Never Richmond 11240Daniels Rd. They got copy faces of me there by George Li Tzar Chi. These are murderers that wall property owners into corners to starve to death and then use MAU SHAN religion way of resurrection to use the body by another soul they are from Hong Kong. HK police know what they do.'' Chan Lai Nar and family'' )

sorry, dont have anything under the subject line. they got erased pls send another email.

Sent: Monday, September 28, 2020 at 12:29 AM
From: "Anny Sandy" <misanny24 @gmail. com>
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: hi


New Post! October 05, 2020 @ 11:13:18 pm
Rod Stewart.... my favorite rocker.
Made in UK... brewed in one.
Story was he once was a coffin exhumer before doing the music.
Must have inspired by a lot of those '' lying there''.

Met one of similar culture outside Main Street court.
Gave him a slip of my paper seeking contingency lawyers.
Then walk to get a strawberry cheesecake muffin at Tim Hortons
then down the slope at Keefer St to be at Chinatown plaza.

Wonder when I can find someone who doesn't need to bunk for once so that he can 'split my half in the bank 9 months later' before helping me to get a contingency lawyers.
Would you want someone of this kind of personality, I don't think so.

When I was small, I was taught helping others is a virtual.
Wonder when we need to ask for clan's permission before we can even speak to our kin...

I was thinking of buying from Juke Chicken when my papa's voice say
let us check if they are adding some unwanted stuffs into the foods first... it used to be run by Caucasian - and user friendly, but now it is by another '' group'' of people.

Post office woman said I ran away without paying for my photocopying...
I never did. I just paid her what she asked its just a few dollars.
I told her I don't need to cheat for a few dollars.
The neighborhood illegal stay try to group to defame someone with real ID here. I tell these people I am cousins of the Li,( that sell them the ID cards) even though I never join Li clan.

Why bother? They don't even have enough jobs for their sons!

I show them my upper arm's calf muscles... some chick could have my face but they never got my muscles at the arms or legs...
for they sell beauty. I did a lot of sports when I was at high school.
I am a bit more 'plump'.

Other Rockers I favor are Kiss, Deep purple, etc...
But I never did drugs... just some sensible glass of wine before bed.
I don't even do cigarettes for I don't like anything that '' binds me''.
I quit as soon as I feel like addicted..

Love is another addiction, addicted to someone being around.
Family is a state of existence...seems like 'something majority is doing and so should I...'.

As long as you are not alone, meaning you got family and friends,
the system cannot label you and gross on you.

Wonder when I can go to England and recover what should be mine there.
Need a landing address. Anyone?




New Post! October 07, 2020 @ 12:30:29 am
Another incident in difficulty in finding jobs that pay more ...

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

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its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es)

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SMTP error from remote server for RCPT TO command, host: ( reason: 550 [CCA5D617-83EC-41BD-B5F9-BACB8E4ABF4D.1 @mxi7f] Too many recipient atte


The above are ''better jobs '' at
The lower ends ones I don't have failure delivery notices.
Call it a coindence... but there has been so many in the past
that I can call this a discrimination.

When some young chicks don't have the expertise and education using my ID cards, they dont want you to apply for jobs above their level.
High school graduation and working as a nurse was 'way back' then.
If you cannot stand people '' progressing and advancing'' while you
just sit on your behind and feeding on your mate or another person's borrowing credit...
Go and shape up!

Tak- PhD


New Post! October 07, 2020 @ 11:39:21 pm
Heard Chan Lai Nar plastic surgery into my face again...
this is how she linked to Georgie by giving him some bucks to spend.
60k for a new face that resembles another resident to live in Canada.
And still claim they are still in accomplice these group of illegal stay multiple offense criminals from HK are bailed out. In fact Li claimed they cut ties with these Chans already,.

Bet the head can be chopped off and transplant into another torso to be used again. Wonder if she is selling that.

From the ancient stories..this type of transplant is not non existent, but you have to find the master of medicine.

He was doing research on how people can use deceased body and limbs, there was no plastic then.

Story was if you can come round from a coma after such transplant, the body would adjust to the new limb/ head.
And you just need to do something to monitor the rejection by using acupuncture, and also medication.

Western medicine still on a lot of '' high tech'' measures on controlling rejection. The body cells would reject the head, or the limb. The lymphocytes etc would attack the foreign inserted cells...
the body would swell and forever running fever and discomfort.
Like allergic reaction..

I wonder when police would start to arrest these illegal-stay that murder locals for their houses and money. Customs let them in, thinking these may turn into rags. And once they exhaust their money to certain level, they would go home. But in reality is not the case.
These stay to join those already here to steal borrowing credit to live on, wall-in property owner to share the house-selling's proceed with those who instructed them, and make tons of 2nd hand inventory money from everything in the house which they took over: cars, clothes, furniture, kitchen wares...
For the locals it seems, it is a sin to be well off and dress nice. They just lip-talk walling you in .

And when will our heads and limbs also fall into that second hand market..
Has Canada counted how many of these ''communist'' agents they let in that even chip monitor the locals! By such monitoring they know who to target!

They say such 'walling-in of owners at their premise at gun point', is an act of invasion and any attempt to curb with force or armament will be acquitted. They call this '' Guerrilla movement'' in England.
Any one trespass with ill intent that impose threats can be gunned down especially if they got a gun according to British law.

Living here at downtown East side one needs to be very feisty.
You don't say grace in a jungle, the animals never appreciate.

Wonder when I can find contingency lawyers to do my collection.

Remember to check for any bricks pile near your premise... they can put them there first and return with mixed concrete in a plastic bag..

Oh I have never received any money sent to my bank account by wire.
Please check if you got the wrong account number! My CIBC bank account is with Richmond BC Canada. I always do interbank banking at Chinatown Vancouver. I moved out of Richmond for 5 years so no more Friday routine there since 2016 especially AVIA Employment at 3 Road upstairs from Tom Lee folded..



New Post! October 08, 2020 @ 10:56:51 pm
i smart its only 200 bucks with amazon. use a external hard drive with usb connection for others. disable the update function at the run panel.. service.msc file and disable all the windows 10update presettings. Win10 did alot of bad things everyday to bust up the memory storage to make you spend... then the computer is pretty good and cost effective to use.

For Sawdust attention. Bring along your laptop when you are out of the house. Obviously those stinky people start grossing on your nerves.
Trespass and breaks.
Have someone inside the house at all times.
And bolt lock all entrances plus a wire tie between 2 sides of the lock. So they cannot open the lock with a reverse poles magnet.
I have to put a lot of stuffs at the door at night so it shows if anyone trespass when I am sleeping!

Vancouverans here use iron bars at windows lock with a pad lock inside.
So no one can climb in! ( Self imprisonment behind nicely patterned iron bars! )



New Post! October 09, 2020 @ 11:42:22 pm
How to make one lose their former '' guardian angels''

by having his or her voice using a synthesizer,
and alleging change of origin.. and saying offensive things to those
who have been chip reading them.

or screen these guardian angels from being heard with presence of close range radio frequency chip readers. ( following around with blockers )

If someone cannot hear you how can they answer you?

I have never change direction. I am always the excellent west world.
Those from communist countries are impersonating me to offend the folks of my origin...

This is wicked and disgusting. How come Canada let them?
Short of police staff is never an excuse.
You got the whole country people as RCMP civilian!



Tak - phD


New Post! October 10, 2020 @ 12:26:28 am
Cannot check @maila. com">owl3 @maila. com email today... there is something at either they redirect you for a privacy consent page and force you to consent to disclose your location or...

Can’t reach this page

•Make sure the web address is correct
•Search for this site on Bing
•Refresh the page

More information More information

The connection to the DNS server timed out.


Fix connection problems

The above appears on my screen... so if for other pages that I use to go to..on the web.

Tak - phD


New Post! October 10, 2020 @ 11:32:45 pm
Corey @Paws and claws.....

I will be waiting for the offer, send someone to meet me in person
at Chinatown plaza 180 Keefer St. Van. BC Canada.

I know this guy ever since I worked at CIBC Forest Hill Village
that is since late 80s. He usually came in at around 5-6pm with
a business account. The family lived there until they sold the property.
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wayne also lived there in the village.
I also lived there for awhile before I moved to Don Mills.

We used to be very casual, be in our shorts and clogs and
sipping tea in the neighborhood cake and tea shops.
They used to have wonderful bakery.
My favorite was Double-Chocolate cheese muffin or Lemon poppy seeds cakes with Grey Earl tea.

There is a Kitchen Table there with tons of good eats.
I love their roast chicken. ( quarter sized )
Selected A grade grocery at good price.
And Irwin Hardware store.... everyone's got back yard got to do their own repairs and garden!

There were one boutique there but was short lived.
I got a-few office skirt and pull overs from there.
Good petite sized with a lot of Jewish people in the neighborhood.
Else I would be in the 'boy-sized 10-12 ' all the time!

This bunch of happy Villagers are one of the best group of people
I know after I landed in Canada. Good people they never throw tricks on anyone, never pry on anyone's treasures.. they got enough themselves.

In 2004 I went back there, a lot moved. So did a lot of stores.
I don't find the good muffin I used to have any longer but Tim Horton got something similar only in Toronto but not in Vancouver.
Property prices soared and some brown Asians occupy the area.
I heard a few moved to Vancouver. Only a handful.

If I heard something not from Corey but from someone impersonating his voice using a chip reader, please let me know.
My routine stays anyways 4-5pm Chinatown plaza 180 Keefer St.
Van.BC Canada Lobby tables where the shops are.

Use Keefer entrance at the pedestrian side walk, come with a radio frequency blocker and a facemask. People in the neighborhood are mostly from communist domain they got scanners and target on new affluent faces.

I am seeking contingency lawyer. Also going after Fung KK for some compensation he held up for his privatisation since 2017.
I think I can spare you 8mil for I am going after 30mil ( 16mil plus 3 yrs interest )
- To repay you the favor of giving me a job at your office when people are grossing on singleton woman.

Tak - phD

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