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New Post! July 19, 2020 @ 11:16:57 pm
HAHAHA able to get into the Church!
Hooray! Well there is around 50 people inside the church.
There is one look alike Li's son at the door.

The Fathers are wearing green today.

I am wearing Red - the Scoop neck Tshirt x2..
Armani Jeans and Zara boots.
Ferrai Cap..

The Miss Sixty monkey head Tshirt was mutilated.
When I walk by some stinky people in the area,
they use the wind draft to carry glue and grey powder onto my body
or rub their fingers in my presence
to have some pollutants fly onto my bod6y or face.

There is no '' younger people attire'' boutique in the area.
Only those 'Ah-sum' clothes from China.
I have to wear what I can buy handy.

The criteria is '' the back is not cold to hands''
when I select clothes. If it does then the blood vessels
at the lungs and chest area will constrict and the organs
are more prone to illness for blood supply is diminished.

I can always change back into nicer attire, depending if it is needed or not. When they see you in nice attire in my neighborhood, they are not happy, and they play tricks to ruin your outfit and your face.

Where can one rent with Government rental assist of $375 a month?
Long term and with no human trafficker feeding on your SIN/ID number and chip read to slander and drag you down in Canada?
And no need to spread your legs to shoe-shine anyone?
See how bad humanity can be?

A lot of people mutilate themselves to get disability allowance.
For $1200 a month they put themselves away for life.
BC Housing like to house these...
The government needs to know how people's lives are.
Why they have to make their legs go bad, by walking bare-feet
on dirty grounds, putting into virus bacteria infested bins
with open wounds. Deliberately ignore the infections and swelling
until the doctor has to amputate them.

When Government gives allowance to people,
they need to see if there is other income.
Heard Poverty line is 24K a year...
how can you expect they get the basics with 8400 a year?

If disable person gets 1200 a month, other also should get 1200 a month if they are unemployed.
We all have a roof to keep
and a stomach to feed.

No wonder there are so many trespass and break.
They expect you to throw out things so these are free
second hand inventory for them to sell.

So they expect others join them to do the trespass and break group,
'' mutilated legs'' group, mental group, or the beggars group,
the shelters group, hooting group, the steal borrowing credit group, the hawkers group etc...

In order to make ends meet here.

Thanks I don't want to obsolete myself for an extra 10+ bucks a day...

Just went to TomLee downtown and have a try on the digitals.
They close off the lids on all Steinways. Same old stock anyways,
some are from Richmond store which I tried on years ago.
There was one keyboard I still remember around 3700 used one stage piano. Very responsive I still remember. This one is 1600+ at the corridor I was trying on, so and so.. fair priced.
The Petroff 68K the sound is good but the touch is so and so.



New Post! July 20, 2020 @ 11:28:55 pm
The Steinway used to have a very stiff touch.
Its for muscle training... hahah. but suddenly they changed it to feel like cotton and very responsive, so it has swept almost the high tier market.

Anyways. approximately once a month, I go downtown for a stroll and maybe going to Tom Lee and see if they got some new pianos.

The new breakin and mess up including messing up the cords of the electronic devices...
This is the problem in keeping a digital as well as other electronic devices down to a mobile recharger.

IF light is energy.. wonder if there is a portable device which
we can plug into the socket and with such emit an energy beam into the electronic devices to replace cords and fixtures..

Then we can proceed to solar energy source..

Recent episodes of me forgetting the piano pieces when I am reciting.
There is a cold layer of air on my head...
I found out this is emitted from a chip reader to slow down neurotransmitter so one become slower and forgetful.
This is to create the symptom of '' thought block''.
Temporary Amnesia like this can be reversed by '' padding on the head'' but not in the middle of a performance!

Should I wear a wig and get an insulation layer fixed into it, or do a wind-gate to the head and body vertically from the ceiling??
Or wear a motorcycle helmet...

There should be an Artificial intelligence software device which I wrote earlier... something that show the ''musical pieces like a book'' but there is a cursor following to where you have been playing.
They are working on it I am sure...
Something can also change what you play into you can patent what you play for every artist has his /her own style playing the same music..

Bring your music pieces book to the performance, there is no shame to it. Audiences are there to admire the music, they are your fans.
They are there to support and enjoy, they are not there to be unkind.

We all look for an enjoyable evening, dine and concert! .



New Post! July 22, 2020 @ 12:38:27 am
Ask those of my school alumni be careful.

Those 'bulging eyes' Chans are still chip reading me, they find affluent to do their murder by burying them in between walls.

Set chip alarm if any trucks / cars with bricks and concrete in it within 500KM. Film who is inside and who got a gun.
Always get all important stuffs inside a back pack ready to go.
Get armament ready.[ Gun ]

Get out of the house / outside and speed off > 30km per hour.
Then they cannot trace you with their chip reader.

Come back use chip reader clear the house before getting in,
they love to sneak in and hide inside closets etc ..and come out at night to let accomplices in to gun point you to stand backing against the wall then they stack up layers of brick with concrete to wall you in to starve you to death. This is what happens in the culture revolution in China to get rid of property owners to confiscate their land.

Now it is a bit different. They get '' replica faces'' to transfer the land to the murderers, or use Mau-Shan resurrection with a different soul to steal use of the deceased body to do the property transfer.
And still selling of the deceased ID cards and borrowing credits.

On the surface, nothing has changed just like the famous logo 50 yrs of no change after 97..
But this has been happening for pasts 20 years..
Li and those surrogating for them are involved.

Don't ever think you can call for help. The chip reader beam can break the phone reception. They chip read you even after they wall you in to break the phone-call to make sure you cannot call for help.
[satellite phone may still send the call but you have to test with your phone and chip reader - the Russians ones got super strong beams ]

So before they wall you in, they must be able to chip read you.
We all need a radio frequency blocker 24hours on.
Or take off all the radio frequency chips under the skin.
Use a chip reader to scan for any frequency emitted from the body.
remove the chips and cover the chest chip with something ''plastic''.

If the government or medical staff has not ask you for consent,
they cannot ask you to keep the ID chip on the chest.
Take it out, and only tape it onto your fingers with a bandaid
when you cross the borders.



New Post! July 22, 2020 @ 10:35:51 pm
Well another day another wrinkle...

Something of this era you got to know.
Who is your customers...

Food pollution is an issue in the town.
And what do they usually add and why?
They add glue and bleach/stink to the food.
These glue to the bottom of the teeth.
Ordinary tooth paste cannot get rid of such,
so as times go by the decay starts at the bottom of the teeth.

Dentist charges an arm and a leg for such repairs.
They call ?Bridging... often goes to a thousand..
A lot of people don't have a dental plan, as their work place
no longer provides one.

Also the bleach weaken the enamel and all of a sudden,
the tooth broke in half or at the base.

A lot of people dine out all the time
and these are the ones with missing teeth.

They use to create an active demand for products they are pushing.
But wants and demand are different.
Demand comes with purchasing power.
A thousand dollars to fix a broken tooth is just too much.

So stimulated teeth is in demand.
For its convenient and affordable.
Only 15-40 bucks.
But not durable. If they are made with vinyl,
and can last longer then people can wear this all day long
don't have to remove them when eating.

You cannot make people spend any longer.
The trick '' expires'' like all other product cycle.
Especially if ruling clan got all the jobs,
a lot gone into the '' bad side''.
These are also customers who can give you the 'market'.
Just produce something at they need and at their 'price'.



New Post! July 23, 2020 @ 11:13:44 pm
Still waiting for contingency lawyers at Chinatown plaza 180 Keefer St. Lobby area Vancouver BC Canada. With a white with checker Nylon bag on a small cart and black Ferrai cap. Huge claim! 4-5pm every day.

See who will show up? The longer I wait, the more interest accruing...
If I move to another country, they have none here.

Sometimes I hate the mentality of putting one down and under to play control... this is far from noble and generous.

The sun is good today, and it is summer.
But keep the nose [wing and bridge] warm.
If it is cold, you will sneeze.
If it is cold you cannot hear your folks transmitting to you
via the RFID chip.

My nose is often cold, and I have to cover the bridge with my hands.
Then my folks can transmit to me.

Those who still say these RFID chips and chip readers not existent,
are those who are up to no good in your life and try to frame you nuts and hallucinating.
Now precedence in Ontario is whoever got mislabelled will be compensated at 40K a year that they lost their jobs and kin as a result.

Stop using this to suppress anyone in their life,
this trick used to be a popular way which communist suppress opponents
if anyone is using this trick in the free world, you know where these come from and see if they are using another persons ID cards to live and work in the free world.



New Post! July 24, 2020 @ 11:16:39 pm
Well, another day at Chinatown plaza Van.BC Canada.
Waiting for contingency lawyers.
Need one to get rid of the blood sucker that use me to stay on ruling class. abuser, abaser, and try to frame me nuts to get power of attorney to my future money..

Accomplice with George Li people to feed on my ID chip GPS.
They are all chip reading me and scaring away lawyers that could have chip read me in the past.

They got people prying onto my mail box.
So I cannot receive the actual marriage cert from Service Ontario.
I paid for one in December, never arrived.
This is needed for divorce.

He never gives me the address to file.
Got 4 sons out of wedlock, 2 are before our marriage.
Still pretend to be green horn when we met.

No finance support for past 20+years since 1995.
No reply to my emails or facebook message.
I have not had his address since he split.

How come the court has such bad procedures requirements?
When I wrote to Ottawa marriage office, I don't need a cert
to proof my identity they gave answer to me if my marriage is
still intact or not!
Can the not proceed from the database and charge me the 15 bucks
at the court instead?

These procedure requirements are obstructing justice!



New Post! July 25, 2020 @ 12:00:46 am
Talking about getting money for higher end protection..

They talk about having a ''line''.

If a lot of nations need out of Earth devices to run and trying to get affluent auction the country to run to gather money...

One thing is, '' Is the provider of the line trustworthy''?

We are paying for it with our nation's future well being.
How many homeless are we creating, for we let these run the way to make a good return to become Worthing their while..

We are still keeping a good arsenal, we cannot obsolete such.

God and the confederation got measures that Earth being are not to be bullied and no out of earth's beings should be controlling earth.

So we can still run with human's protection... I think.
We should run the country '' proper'' like we used to be.
Otherwise we are pushing for a '' communist world'' when majority of the people are poor.



New Post! July 26, 2020 @ 12:34:45 am
Talking about getting money for higher end protection..

They talk about having a ''line''.

If a lot of nations need 'out of Earth devices' for protection and trying to get affluent parties to auction the country to run to gather money...

One thing is, '' Is the provider of the line trustworthy''?

We are paying for it with our nation's future well being.
How many homeless are we creating, for we let these run the way to make a good return to become 'worth their while'..

We are still keeping a good arsenal, we cannot obsolete such.

God and the confederation got measures that Earth beings are not to be bullied and no out of earth's beings should be controlling earth.
Except our creator Yehwah.

So we can still run with human's ways of protection... I think.
We should run the country '' proper'' like we used to be.
Otherwise we are pushing for a '' communist world'' when majority of the people are poor.



New Post! July 28, 2020 @ 12:19:19 am
Well I look older today..
the eyes are sunken and grey eye circle.

The acupuncture doll remote acting on chip frequencies
are able to do this, they can deplete or augment blood flow to
different parts of the body.

Depletion cause the organs to weak, muscles to atrophy etc.
Augmenting give extra blood supply cause swollen or palpitation.
And heart to stop. So in the past some even put a copper mirror
at the chest.

Don't put tranquillizers into my food to decrease my 6th sense.
I like to have it be sensitive.
Don't give my ID card to some nut case, sluts, murderers and thieves.

When that day some young ones trying to reveal herself
using the location of my ID chip - whilst I am standing close by,
I look much younger.

There is a nerve node at the back of the neck
when the needle is applied, you look much younger
skin tighter....

That is why Li people look so young all the time....
without going to beauty parlor.

This device is out of earth, not their invention.
See who they stole from.
Vatican, or Buddhist....

Now I know what our '' guardian angel'' does
also keep our health and help us hyper and relax in our daily lives!



New Post! July 28, 2020 @ 12:24:31 am
My comment on someone's writing about the pandemic.

Alot of communist illegal stay that gross on Europe as first station would come to UK as UK would not shelter them so these need some bucks before they take UK as next station. And these also bring in hardship and cruelty to locals to make them move around for migration money at macro level. Pandemics are to make '' macro money''. You are right, I also concur that the mortality rates comes from how much that local government supports such idea. Those who are not in the circle simply reports zero mortality rates.. we all have things in the past to be black mailed. Corrupted officials are more linked to a higher mortality rate in the country. Virus dies by heat. There should be no mortality in Summer and hot places. Look at Japan there is none when US and other countries are joining the '' orchestra''. If your sponsors are making the pandemic to make money, you have to sing along. Alot want to rule but dont have the money to buy a place 's administration to run to make a return during their reign..[. share this before they got my passwords to delete or edit it thanks. ]

************************************************************************FACEBOOK ORIGINAL POSTING THAT I REPLY TO IS AS FOLLOWS..

David Leonard

2d ·


I’m reposting this, originally written in April 2020

Please share if you care!

I want to share a letter that my brother has written in response to the harsh criticism he received when choosing to stand up for something that he believes in. His choice to take a stand against the forced lock down imposed on him and his family by his government. I will point out that this man is a good and loving man. A man of faith and compassion. He has dedicated his life to his family and to his work, proving counseling for the emotional needs of vision impaired people under the age of 30 and their families. He is my brother, he is my friend and most importantly he is a fellow human being.

Whilst we might not all see eye to eye on the things that happen in this world it is important for us to remember to love and respect each other always. It is this love and respect that will keep us united, even in our differences and especially in difficult, confusing times. Are we so confident in our own knowledge and belief system that we do not want anyone speaking out against that narrative? Is voicing concern for something that you feel so strongly about a thing we should silence just because we do not agree with them? Should we allow censorship in our media and accept blind faith in government and corporations if we fundamentally you disagree in your heart? Are we all as respectful to each other as we could be?

Thank you for reading my post ✌️
This letter is in response to criticism I received for marching in protest to what I perceive to be an unlawful lockdown.

Dear loved one,
I realise we have a different perspective about the current situation. While I totally respect your point of view I don’t share it.

I have many questions about this virus and the apparent need to crash our economy and impose the rules they have as a result.

It is worth pointing out at this stage that there are many places to find out information and to research topics you are interested in or that you are affected by. The BBC and other mainstream news outlets including newspapers etc are all bias towards the interests of governments and the corporations that influence them. It is also worth pointing out that many of our ministers, MPs and advisors whom are paid vast amounts of money paid by taxpayers also have invested or perhaps a conflict of interest in the corporations that run our health service, banking systems, media and just about every industry we rely on for our livelihoods.

If a virus is as described by government scientists using Germ Theory, a microscopic living organism then the way it is being handled is quite ridiculous in my view. It is already proven that masks for example are not adequate to prevent such tiny particles from entering your body. In fact, the government’s own research tells us that wearing a mask poses much more risk than a virus due to the fact that the person wearing the mask is not only being exposed to bacteria growing on the inside but also likely to be at risk of poisoning from the Carbon Dioxide they are breathing back in. Did you know that children in China have already died from Carbon dioxide poisoning while running around in playgrounds at school while wearing masks? I’m sure they don’t tell you that on the BBC.

If however, a virus, described by many doctors, scientists, virologists, nurses and others speaking out are not living organisms but cell excretions produced by our body’s to detox from pollutants in the environment then masks are nothing more than a placebo at best.

In addition, if a virus is a living organism as described then social distancing is ridiculous. How is it that 2 metres is okay but 1 meter is not? We are breathing in the same air whether we are standing in a queue or walking around the supermarket or spending time with each other in our own homes. With this in mind it is difficult to understand how staying inside our homes is safer than going outside into the fresh air where the likelihood of spreading germs is much less. The government has given conflicting and confusing information about this and has contradicted itself many times.

The government have told us and this information is easy to find that this virus is a low-level virus. A tiny percentage of people that catch it actually display symptoms and an even smaller proportion of those actually get ill and or pass away. The people that are affected are mostly very vulnerable anyway and usually elderly. The statistics they offer to tell us how many people have died actually show that less people have died between January 2020 and May 2020 compared to those in the last four years.

Did you know that coroners no longer need to prove cause of death? Only one health professional needs to record death now and they are actively encouraged to record Covid as the cause of death. There is a big difference between dying with Covid and from Covid. Most of the people that have reportedly died had other serious health conditions including Cancer, respiratory problems caused by other illnesses, obesity, diabetes and many others. Basically, no different from people whom normally succumb to colds and flu. The difference is that most of these people are dying at home as most of our hospitals are empty. Again, the BBC will not tell you this but I have seen hundreds of videos and accounts from doctors and nurses as well as hearing from people I actually know in the NHS.

One problem here is that most people accept what they hear from government and mainstream media as the truth. They do this without considering who or where the information is coming from and who stands to gain from it. We are told that government take advice from experts including scientists, health experts and mathematicians. Do most of us even know who these people are or where their interests lie? If you chose to look then you will quickly see that most of them are paid large sum’s of money by government to support whatever agenda they are trying to push. For every one of these so called experts paid by government there are hundreds more that have very different opinions based on independent and validated research. The media rarely gives these people a voice and if or when they do it is done in such a way to discredit them.

Are you aware that while lockdown continues, many of our human rights are literally being taken away from us by our government? We are losing our rights to speak freely. Anyone who has a different opinion to the mainstream, even when backed up by clear evidence is either censored or humiliated and descried as disgusting or dangerous or a terrorist.

We are losing our rights to choose where we go without being tracked, who we can spend time with, who we can touch and where we can shop. We are losing our rights to autonomy, our rights to adequate healthcare, our rights to worship in our own churches, our rights to education, our rights to work. What happens when we are forced to take a vaccine? Many people chose not to vaccinate as there is so much overwhelming evidence to prove that vaccines are no match for natural immunity but are actually in many cases extremely dangerous. Bill Gates who is not a health expert but has invested huge amounts of money in our own health service and advises our own government health bodies is actually wanted for crimes against humanity by what we call third world countries that as part of their aid agreements have to accept many conditions including vaccinating their people. His vaccines are responsible for thousands of deaths and life changing illnesses. He even openly talks with world leaders about reducing the worlds population through vaccination and they along with the WHO predicted this pandemic verbatom just before it happened. They had a simulation that perfectly described and predicted how and where it would happen and what steps would be needed to take, including crashing the world economy.

I could go on and on and on but unless you chose to explore and think about these things yourself, we may well just end up having to agree to disagree.

My personal way of looking at things is through facts, evidence and logic. If I have a belief I need to be able to base it on something concrete that I can critically think about and explain to others. If I know something it is because I have learned it through experience.

I think there are some very important questions to ask.

Do you in your everyday experience, see the level of crime, hardship, disease, racism, hate and many other things described to us via our news? Why is it that 99 percent of our news is negative?

Do you actually know anyone in reality that is like or behaves like our politicians?

Do you think our government has ever lied to us and if so why would you continue to trust them now, especially with your health?

Just for the record, I do support the NHS and have always valued the care I’ve received. I do however find it difficult to accept the government’s line as they have repeatedly underfunded and lied about their commitment to the health service. It was only a few months ago that they lied to us about how Brexit would supply the NHS with extra money and when people voted to leave they then back tracked.

When we march we keep our distancing out of respect for those around us who are scared. We march to have a voice to highlight the fact that our human rights are literally being taken away. If we do nothing now then soon it really will be too late. Once legislation has been passed it is almost impossible to reverse. The Magnacarter was established to protect our rights under rule. It is now being completely undermined at the same time as the American and Australian constitutions are being dismantled.

We have been around in this world for a very long time and it is difficult to believe that all of a sudden there is a new kind of virus that although is mild, behaves in ways never seen before and warrants the world being locked down.

Thousands of people die each year from colds and flu but we don’t normally respond like this. Thousands of people commit suicide each year but we don’t commit millions of pounds and resources to prevent them. Thousands of people die in car accidents every year but we don’t do much to prevent them. Meanwhile our governments around the world are restricting physical and mental healthcare and dividing communities. They are legislating to take away our human rights to use our own common sense to make sensible choices like we are mindless animals that can’t be trusted.

Human beings are social and spiritual and need each other to thrive. We need to be able to think for ourselves, make choices, even if they are bad as we learn from them. We need to be able to touch one another, hug, cuddle and kiss. God did not create us to fear each other and kill each other with a virus. If that was true we wouldn’t be here right now.

I will continue to stand up for your rights, my friends rights, my colleagues rights my children’s rights and even those of whom I dislike or don’t know. We are all in this life together and we must stop accepting things we are told by people that have proven not to be trusted. We are free thinking human beings with the divine spark given to us by God.

I am not asking you to agree with me but I would recommend that if you feel strongly about something you should think about why and can base it on knowledge not just belief.

I love you and I hope you understand what I am saying.
Speak soon.




New Post! July 29, 2020 @ 12:25:28 am
Reading the news on Mr. Tai losing his teaching post in HKU.
Wonder if he knows about a lot of education institute in HK
are chip reading its staff after school hours.

I was teaching in my mother's school in the late 1990s.
I was living by myself with a dog at Happy Valley.
I was sitting on a sofa with both legs on the sofa...
They even criticise how I sit inside my premise off hours using a chip reader... I should be given a rf blocker if I was chip read by students and other staff etc..

I was granted the qualification and permission to teach there.
Then hear say try to say I don't meet the qualifications.
They try to make me take the teaching cert school which gives a certificate.
I was taught by Graduate Mistress ' GM ' [ University graduation] not by those holding a '' certification '' that is lower tier education.

School pay is 20K entry position.
I wont pay for a Teaching certification education for 200k.
This is ridiculous that I already got the permission as GM staff to teach there.

Teaching there is semi retirement as I got other qualifications that makes more money. I was an old gal just wanted to hang around and have a lot of holidays just like when I was studying there..
Teaching doesn't pay much but got a lot of free time.
I don't have to pretend to be busy at home with a lot of markings...
this is called inefficient as I term it.

I taught in a Band 1 school and I was not teaching a mentally handicapped institution. I don't like dragging my students down to be mediocre. Too much politics make me puke.
The management sucks either. That is why I opt for learning by correspondence if I have kids.

There is no need to hide me when Mr Li knows where I am so that your chicks got better chances either. There is no need to test to see if Mr. Fung Kwok King Victor knows me or not. His chip line has been on my shoulder watching me grow up. If other staff also donate to the school I think I would ask him to do so.



New Post! July 29, 2020 @ 11:54:12 pm
Ever since the pandemic, we have to line up outside the bank...
Today I am lucky, I get in before it closes, formerly it even cut short its service hours.

Hence I am late at the mall today.
I am doing freelance work and I am with my own time schedule
who pays me if I stay there '' overtime''.

There is something in the tap again,
it attracts cockroaches and mosquitoes...
it should be '' dead mouse blood smear ''.
That is why I need to wash with detergent and insecticide.

Things I hear with the transceiver RFID chip are always
nice recently, but I test reality with what I heard.
They say the old little one is walled in in E. India again.
Don't know if its true. I still beckon those who chip read me to
go and un-wall them and help them.
Its saving lives and should be 'non-judgemental'.

I cannot go there for I cannot speak Punjabi.
My daddy learnt that but I didn't.
How can I survive there without a job and government assistance?
That is why I prefer my daddy to be in Britain.
At least he got assistance and residence.
He used a navy blue British passport when I was a small child.
I remember that.
He even told the immigration office in Hong Kong to add me to '' British Nationality''.
Yes we are more than dual citizenship...
So is mother, wonder where she is now.. in Japan? HK? or Australia?

There are ALWAYS some torn and tatters sitting right outside our building's exit. Blocking our way. You ask them to yield,
they reluctantly... don't use my ID cards and want me to give you my ID chip GPS!

Mind you that door, someone pissed over there.
Why is our government letting these in?
With a few thousands in their wallet? Who are they really benefitting?
After a week as a tourist, these are feeding at our shelters.
Britain needs to see ID cards before they feed you at their shelters.

When I was at San Francisco's customs trying to go there for tour and visiting kin in Dec96, the lady at the border asked me where I would stay.
I told her my granny's address and phone number. She really called and asked if granny would house me before letting me in.
I would not blame them for they are doing this for their nation's well being. I had money and gold cards etc in my wallet.

Why wouldn't our Canadian customs do this?
These once let in they even chip read our police.
And know when to flee when the police come to deport them.
Even chip read to do espionage and theft on local residents.
Even bully and harass those they can chip read.
Our non profit should be ripped off their license once
the government discovers they harbor and provide means for these to do espionage on other residents.

Our customs should confiscate their handset and see if they carry chip reader and frequency scanning function.
Anyone with the '' RFID chips or 666chips and scanners ''should be sent back with the first flight available.



New Post! July 31, 2020 @ 12:42:59 am
Still waiting for contingency lawyer at the mall.
Bought some Chinese herbs -angelica roots
grind it into powder to get some '' iron''.
Black beans also provide good source of iron so are red dates.
But I don't want to occupy the common kitchen for too long.
Hence I eat out.

Maybe someone should see if Lun Wai Ling foundation people are witchcraft resurrected, Li people's souls are using their bodies.
I have not heard from them nor from my uncle Lun Chun Wah.
Guess someone is using a synthesizer producing and using their voices
to appease everyone. Please scan with the chip reader for me and make sure these people are not compromised. Thank you


Some oldie tried to buy cakes with cash and turned down...!!!

There is a purchase act that shops cannot turn away cash payers.

It seems like good stuffs like '' cakes'' are not for those who don't use credit card, and this is '' discrimination''.

If your staff are too scary to take cash and fear of dirt on the cash, I think they should either quit, or wear gloves.

This is sad when the oldie is trying to get some cake for birthday or for his family. Who change the way of life?

Some store people are stealing purchasers card information to spend.
We pay cash, the amount you want it.
And no hidden '' agendas'' please as your customers.

Cash is good for everyone, anywhere on earth.
Card money can be stolen easily with today technology.
I have bad experience with credit card company.
So I am not using credit card. Unless the card number is not on the card and people cant chip read me to know my card number and expiry date else they can buy with my card online..



New Post! July 31, 2020 @ 12:51:14 am
There could be 10 daddy got mutilated in 2016 in their farm steads.

See how many Georgie Li resurrected.

If my papa in the lot?

Pls find where my papa is, by chip scanning those with similar faces.
in India.

Please see if my papa is in the US air base or at 218 Marharastra Marharastra...near Domoblivi. I was told it was 18 Marharastra and no one replied to my post card sent last year.
I don't know the family name there. Its just bolo and the cow and old little one...

Please see if anyone is walled in at 218 Marharastra...
and pls rescue them .Thanks.

I don't have a chip reader, and I cannot disregard any beckon for help. Can you?

Please see if anyone also walled in at stage in Orpheum theatre at downtown Vancouver. The wooden wall? behind the piano chair.
Anyone has been playing the piano for preliminary rehearsal late at night? For program next year?


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