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New Post! November 10, 2019 @ 09:07:44 pm
I am at the Downtown Vancouver Big library at W. Georgia and Richards St. I am there to up date my website on the 2nd week Sunday of the month, after Church session at the Holy Rosary Church nearby. Then I still keep my routine at 4pm ( maybe 430pm) keeping my presence at Chinatown plaza, mall lobby area where the food stalls and shoe repair, barber shops are. Unless I got job appointment, mostly everyday I keep a presence at Chinatown plaza 180 Keefer St. Van.BC Canada around 4pm everyday. Now is winter hours, I go home at around 5pm.

Li is chip reading me to play soft detent and I can hear the uncle say to stop my email and deter me from seeking contingency lawyers. Once they got my passwords, they can stop my email sending when there is Li's people working that shift at My hotmail account never receives anything from my kin and friends for many years. Only if you can catch me on facebook online. Then we can use the messager to chat. Otherwise my reach is only outgoing.

I am thinking if I should update my website today for Li people is still reading my chip. Mine is a transceiver so I can hear as well as converse with the chip. It is never hallucinating. And alot of Russians who do espionage and theft with the chip reader like to frame people nuts by allerging those who speaks with the chip '' hallucinating''. Alot like to speak with voice using the chip. For it gives better energy andthe person needs not use a headphone to hear when they are far away. shows an older chip that is the size of the rice. Newer ones are small like sesame or some are like a piece of thread under the skin. Some tag you without your consent via handshakes, sex, and even carassing and give you one in your food and drinks.. if you hear someone talking in your guts at night, most likely you ingested one.
There are institutes in England that helps people to remove the tags in the guts. We all need a long range radio frequency chip reader nowadays since the phone is no longer reliable.
If anyone knows where to get one, please post on facebook.


In person 4-5pm. Chinatown plaza 180 Keefer St. G/F Mall lobby shops area where shoe repair, barber and herbalist shops are. I am one with black Ferrai cap ( horse logo) and big nylon bag on a small cart. Seeking contingency lawyers come with a radio frequency blocker. - the defender rod.

@facebook. com">lun.yeetak @facebook. com 1.07pm 11/10/2019


Part-time Nidologist

New Post! November 12, 2019 @ 07:01:22 pm
Greetings!!! I now have 420 of 622 pages of your journal,... that is just over 2/3rds completed.

420 x 100 = 67.5 %

We will get there, eventually!!!!


New Post! November 15, 2019 @ 01:36:19 am
Again, the emails have some problems,...failure delivery in a lot of them after sending successful for a while, there is some cold ' air' where the infra red emission of my laptop.

I am glad that only allows one copy of the email open.

Heard my ex moves to Taiwan.
and not sure if this is correct. Some pal told me that his HK address is/was please translate to Cantonese: Fire Coal - 46 Kum Tin Rd Flat 6A.

Please check if this is correct. I need a proper address to file divorce.
I couldn't for probono lawyers need full address to do so, and doing a search at 300CAD per hour is just cannot be affordable. So we just let it '' drag'' on.

He got a child by Bonnie Tong at Smartone Telecom in 1999, and now this kid is 19+ out of wedlock.
He got another son by a Taiwanese before our marriage, and he is 30+
now he is back with this woman.

He never supports me a cent for 20 years, and not really brining in the money even when we lived together.

I did the mortgage, down-payment -now that apartment has not been a matrimonial home since 97.
The car was traded in and sold... another little colt I got was stolen and painted dull black by the thieves that follow me to BC. ( I saw that car driven by a li boy towards me in Richmond 4th Road 7 years ago - Lic plate AAED 673)

Dave my ex got another '' male lover'' at work places.
One was a lawyer and another was a nurse.
And one woman was his buddy' wife in the hockey ring!

What an opportunist!
And a love abuser!
And a desperate housewife and couple of rear-end lovers.
And so many office whores!

I facebook messaged him many times, he never replied to me.
Heard he was 'revoked Canadian Citizenship ' for he cut ties with Canada for more than 10 years and involved in accomplicing with another lover to steal from my bank account credit line....

Time do so much, including healing from a bad relationship like this!
Don't blame me for choosing my kin, animals over some substandard 2 legged like this!

This is one of the issues I need a lawyer ( probono ) for I don't get a cent, he wont get a cent .... cannot afford search fees that could max at 180K Cad.
Anyone can tell me how and where to do this divorce filing? Thanks.

I am at Chinatown plaza 4-5pm everyday. Mall lobby where the tables are. 180 Keefer St. Van. Bc Canada. One with black cap with yellow horse logo and a big nylon (torn) bag on a small cart. ( Some bad elements in the area just slashed my bag as they walk close and I am not spending just as often as these wanted me to. )



New Post! November 16, 2019 @ 01:26:26 am
Someone got my website password.

Uncle gave me 6 million USD in 2000. not 6000 mil. someone changed it.

For your info please.

[ ] click message board, click read more square button.



New Post! November 17, 2019 @ 01:15:34 am
We got lots of vacant houses or sealed houses by the government.

As a result, these are trespassed and occupied by those illegal stayed past their welcome tourists..

There are one at East 54 Avenue, they say the 666 hut with a patch of farmland at front a very small hut.

Recently it is trespassed by a group of communist agents (Russie or Ching) doing RFID / Spy chip espionage from there..

This morning at 830am, also they alongside with Gathering place are reading my chip. These just scan my chip frequency when I walked by.

Some chick wanted to reduce my wellbeing again by trespass and break.
For obviously she is using my ID card here.

Using my ID card to borrow to dress up and go after rich boys here...while keeping me down and under by soft detent, trespass and breaks etc.

These are the chicks wearing nice and not having some sprinkled glue and color powder as they walk by...these are doing matrimonial money for their country.
Pretending to be from free world countries...
a lot of these study foreign language at their home country so their English is just like native.

The real Victoria is never Caucasian. They say she is twin sister of Victor Li
Victor is '' Chinese looking Hong-Konger''how can a Russian b**** be Victoria/

Besides Victoria is not into hunting rich boys. She is a consultant and can make good money herself. Li did the cloning so that one fetus 2 embryo and 2 different fathers way back in the 1960s..

Use another person's ID card if I were you.
How many of these are feeding on real ID holders' credit, selling their ID cards and reducing those they can chip read in Canada?

They don't even take Canadian Airlines or live at our hotels here!

Gathering place such non profits should not have people trespass and use their electricity to read outside at 830am...please see if they are fostering ''espionage and theft'' which is so prominent in Vancouver BC Canada!

How many we let in and have never left?



New Post! November 17, 2019 @ 10:08:05 pm
I have been traced and chip read by a lot that use my ID card here in Canada...

They are with human traffickers that make sure '' real ID holders are THROUGH''

Previous lip talk that constitutes disheartening includes:

''We hate Real ID holders, we don't talk to them ''

''You lie and cheat , stop your IA '' whenever real ID holders got something good to wear, or take a taxi or can spend.

'' You wont be hired... '' so they think you would fly out and let them use your ID card without any hazards.. And even buy a foreign fake ID card from them to make more ID card money.

These are always from POOR SERVANT countries...
Who sent out chicks to be cleaners, whores, and concubines then when they chip read your secrets, black mail to become wives and f*** you out of a job because they bunked with your superiors and black mail them who to hire.

Not a lot really got power to buy offices to run they bullsheep and the lie. Feed on our borrowing power, second hand cast out or stolen goods, down to a 20 cent can that they picked up from the bin while wearing brand-name shoes and coat stolen from our closet or closing stores donated to the shelters. These do espionage and theft to become affluent, they always started at our shelters that do not take ID card to house and feed them. NO wonder UK shelters take ID authentication before housing or feeding these. Tourists are not 'served' at the shelters.

Our government offices should not hire them. For these are funded by the government and not bought to run by the human trafficker.

We should chip read these ( all our guests with tourist visas still intact or expired ) and kick them out once they borrow with our ID cards - apply visa cards with our ID number and address for they do espionage by scanning our chip frequencies, these particulars are not difficult to get.

Or else they could side with those who do guerrilla movement here to sandwich property owner between walls to harm us.
NOW they say it is good to get rid of those property owner this way..
Just like when China get rid of them during culture revolution in the 60s.... to confiscate back all the land.

When will they say it is good to get rid of real ID holders?
All RCMP civilians should be on the alert.

NOW is marijuana money.... we should start cleaning up the previous illegals who used to boss us around. Like Trump kick out these in the US. Trump card means '' stopper'' in Bridge/the card game.
We let these from the US in because they got some money or because our customs are with human traffickers?

For money laundering, human traffickers can entrust their clients with 600k USD to make sure customs look good giving them '' indefinite period'' or '' more than a year '' tourist visa to stay in Canada.
This money could be recycle back to the human trafficker to be used by another client who bought our ID cards.



New Post! November 17, 2019 @ 11:04:16 pm
Trying to collect some church photos....

planning to make a simple website for doing confessions and forward this to the priest of the Catholic church.

Hope they are using this for those who cannot make it to confession in person because of work, or ambulance or other reasons.

Our Lord should give chances to ease up confessions availability...
and not declining people out of heaven just because they miss out one or two items not confessed or simply not knowing they sin or offended God.

We work with our conscience... this is good enough.
Correct me if I am wrong, I am a ' no or lesser formality'' person.



New Post! November 17, 2019 @ 11:06:41 pm
I took a taxi to Church for I thought I heard via the chip yesterday that my papa could show up at the church at noon today.

One who was reading my chip was also reading and talking to someone sounded like my papa.

But he didn't...

He came all the way from E. India?

They said he was living at Holiday Inn, I checked Howe, I called E. Broadway they said no one by his last name booked the rooms....

Just like what happened earlier with the Richmond Holiday Inn hotels.
They would not release room number ...



Part-time Nidologist

New Post! November 20, 2019 @ 03:06:45 am
The copying of your journal is now complete, 100%, 622 Pages/Sides as PDF-files, and they have all been put on a CD, ready for you to read, at your leisure. [Not including this post.... of course!]

Now, please send me a PM or an e-mail, to let me know where I should send it...


New Post! November 23, 2019 @ 12:01:31 am
@sAeGeSpAeNe Said

The copying of your journal is now complete, 100%, 622 Pages/Sides as PDF-files, and they have all been put on a CD, ready for you to read, at your leisure. [Not including this post.... of course!]

Now, please send me a PM or an e-mail, to let me know where I should send it...

I don't know.... I m in soft detent in Canada. Where I can afford to live is always common mail box and there are always people in the building that access mail before me. The letter which hk court to me was picked up by the Wai's who used it to enter Canada again and again and saying this is very important to deliver to me in person.. My kins mail was stolen for according to some human traffic rules you cannot use another person's ID cards if they have kin.

So they have to keep on defaming those whose ID cards they steal use to make it a reason that they are much better worthier people to use your ID card than the real ID holder....

These read my chip and know my passwords... I cannot even receive job emails or emails from friends or relatives that are not working with them or the Li to let them use my ID cards... these relatives got sales, and promotion, while I got nothing.

This is why I am seeking a way out of the country, and even our prime minister is using me as a profile to tell parliament how human traffickers are falling back on their promise not to gross on elites and educated instead of giving me a job, and all parliament people know I am down and under if this is a system which only gives jobs to those affluent and good world would they be interested in giving me a job? Mother Gemma is someone whom Trudeau also connect because of her clairvoyance... they use her for free and use my vulnerability to ask for what they want and let all these illegal and their human trafficker to mutilate me day in day out. This is also a reason why I want to go elsewhere, but this will give these a*****es '' migration'' money to earn. Doyou know how pissed off I am?

Everytime I rented with low priced housing, seems like it is mandatory that another group of people can use my ID card to live , borrow and even trespass and steal and pollute and taint my face with patches of glue and color powder.

These people should be hanged, and those in power who let this happen to their citizen should be charged treason.

Thank you for your effort.... keep the copy for the time being unless I can receive my mail, or email safely...

This is why I am thinking of seeking humanity grounds to move elsewhere. There are more than 60 thousand people using my ID card here and I am soft detent and mutilated by all these people, me and my credit ratings.. this is cruelty.
Police say my case is the worst they can find so there is an excuse they can never stop or crack it. Even police force got people using my identity cards..



New Post! November 23, 2019 @ 12:06:29 am
There is a communist Iran family name Abelli which I rented from for a month.

They keep on reading my chip and I heard them using my ID number to make SIN cards and selling it for the past 7 years making over a million dollars.

They stole my stipend from the Iran King Albert and Queen Mother Farah. Who was chip conversing with my mother Gemma ( the first clairvoyance ) in the 70s. Using their sister and daughter to use my ID card and claim the 'little one'- is still renting at their premise.

Along with those from china, they group together to break the chip readers lines from my kin so they cannot talk to me, and keep on defaming me for past 7 year preventing me from getting a job. Keep on saying things to frustrate me using the chip reader.

These are all from the communist world. They should be guillotined in Saudi stealing money from the Iran Imperial family to us.



New Post! November 23, 2019 @ 12:46:03 am
I am still at Chinatown plaza everyday 4-5pm. ( Shortened for winter days getting dark at around 4pm. )

Vancouver BC Canada. If any lawyers are interested, to give me contingency.

I like to have a divorce first. for ex missing and not replying messages for 20 years. Of course not a penny, and why would I have to risk my future finance for him? I cannot file for probono lawyers need a correct address.

Then I go for what I should have.
Family feud, and selfishness of relatives and pals use me to shoe shine and talk to Li and Lam but never actually help.

Li use the agreement made with Lun in 1960s to elevate our ID card prices and Lam is getting construction sales from Li to close a blind eye, I wonder what Fungs get from the Li? It is over 50 years, the legal agreement expired and my ID card cannot marry to the Li family any longer.

Hope Lun Wai Ling Foundation people knows about this, my aunt Lun Yee Ha died many years in the SinoJap war. Li sold her ID card to someone here in Vancouver and she is even taking interested to feed on from the foundation while as a grand-daughter, I don't even get any interest to feed on!

Tak- Lun Yee-Tak, Priscilla


New Post! November 23, 2019 @ 11:57:11 pm
Another week, still searching for contingency lawyers... since 2015.

Wonder if all the high pay posts been compromised by illegal stay arranged by the human traffickers here.

Wonder if all the lawyers are '' buried between walls'' by the Chinese communist agents accomplice with Li to get their property and money and position in the offices.... ( Li do plastic surgery to look alike, bio lab can attach the victim's head to their late sons' torso to get the face,the DNA, the hand print needed for property transfer )

Almost all the British last-names lawyers are '' not in service''.

Most do not have an email account! How can anyone working in an office not having an email account! You can put a private one in!

These lawyers letting the phone garnish their business ... see how many are under '' custodian appointed'' this year? (Receivership or folding? )

Lawyers are not exempted...anyone having properties are not exempted.... when there is good equity, they put you out of business to get your property!

When the phone company says, they can give your particulars to your creditors this is never a good sign! They also do high interest loan/ mortgage business guess a lot do not know this, when you need a second mortgage, there are only '' afew'' special color logo's ones that you can call. Even the large bank's officers need you to '' call '' to book an appointment!

Try walking into big banks ( tier one = that do lower interest second mortgage loan) and book your appointment when you are cash short!

And mind you if your are self employed, you need to have a lot of previous years' income tax return with you! So if you have not been making much in the years.... the cannibal beast is crawling at your door!

Email cannot be forwarded to an empty line, whilst phone calls can.
Just watch the inbox 24/7...



New Post! November 29, 2019 @ 12:12:37 am
The water taps wherever I live is always polluted.

Glue, paint, coolant, wax, fish scent, garbage water blood.... etc,

When there is cockroaches on the wall, meaning, there is fish scent or blood or garbage water.

When there is paint, it is ''opaque'' and white.

When there is coolant, it is particularly hot when heated, and extra cold when cold.

When there is glue, my skin is '' shiny ''..

Wax is supposed to be insoluble and float on top.... removable by vinegar.

There is always pollutant outside my door..

white powder, small cigarette leaves, small tissue paper pointed to the door, and fish and shell smell drops of fluid.

So to frame your renter or habitant '' dirty and infested''.

So to make renters clean every day... if walls and floors got white powders of dye, concrete powders and other pollutants.

I do office for a living and if any cleaners are stealing my identity cards, it is not my obligation to do what they do to make it OK for them to use my identity cards according to some ''RFID chip reader's '' culture.

I basically confront the cleaner of my building living on the 304 and 305 room to clean up the white powder outside my door.

Mess up the 4 sq feet outside the door for each room and make the renters clean and basically the whole common area ( corridor ) will be taken care of and

why are we still hiring '' cleaners'' ?

Basically this cleaner also play a part in leaving white dots ( s*** powder ) outside my door and other little marks to signal the trespassers which room to trespass.

And a rf blocker was put up stairs and in the adjacent room last night, preventing me from talking to those I like via the chip.

This is soft detent.... they are not hiding me away and say those who got my ID chip GPS by moving around me are the real ID holders.

Please if anyone chip read me to affirm, send this to RCMP ( Ottawa ). Vancouver Police could also have people using my ID cards,...



New Post! November 29, 2019 @ 12:18:42 am
The old old Empress Hotel on the E. Hastings St. got something on the roof top.
It extends to our building, so people can jump across onto our roof top.

Facilitating trespass.

Please note this, and have the roof shingles on the empress hotel top shortened or remove thank you.


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