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On August 19, 2010 6dark6dreams6

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hereford, United Kingdom
Joined: Jun 2007

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Age: 28
Gender: F
Location: hereford

United Kingdom
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About Me
Hello all,
I?m Yohanna.
Well what can I say? I?m a nice, reliable, generous, trusting and calm person however I can also be misleading, cunning, untruthful and rude but don?t worry this isn?t often but I thought I should warn just in case any way.
I?m usually quite a content and happy person, though I have days when I?m not quite so ?happy?, but don?t we all?
My life? Can?t complain, I have everything I need ? Caring friends, loving family, clothes, a roof over my head and food.
I have 2 amazing sisters, 1 awesome brother, 1 cute little ? sister and I live with my mum and see my dad at weekends now and then (my parents split up when I was young).
I have quite a dark sense of humour and laugh at other people?s misfortunes (but don?t well all? Right?)
I?m not going to lie to you (this time) ? I have no life?but at least I can admit it.
I love my friends and family to bits, I?d die for them.
I love music such as metal, rock, gothic etc. I have lots of favorite bands but I'm not going to list them all now, but I'll do it some other time when I'm bored enough :D.
I have my own views on life that not every one agrees on. I respect every one else?s opinions so I expect every one to respect mine too.
I?m a good listener, and I am always willing to help any one if they ask.
Well I?m running out of things to say now, if you have any questions just ask.

Who I Want To Meet
any one

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I have no life

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