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wordless..cruel bastatards..sad sad sad

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tacorat On July 05, 2009

Shanghai, China
#1New Post! Dec 12, 2007 @ 13:20:26
I am pissed, one day more.
I try not to hate people, this is why i only go out when necessary.
If you are sensitive, don't watch it(it is a guy beating a dog to death).What follow on this video is very common in China, as you can see it happens in the middle of the day..
I am non violent, but for this kind of guy, i would make an exception,just would strangle him with his own intestine.

....want to escape this place..

For those of you that can't bear to watch this clip yourself, here's what's in it. At the start of the clip, we see that the dog has already lost control of its hind legs and is trying its best to run away from its attacker on its two front legs. The guard comes up to the dog and after another two or three hits, the dog lies motionless on the road. But we imagine it's not dead just yet, it's just left there to die a slow painful death.
kissingxinxthexrain On February 29, 2008

Kentwood, Michigan,
#2New Post! Dec 12, 2007 @ 13:44:33
to think that we, who believe our selves to be an evolved species, could do something like this to an undeserving animal just sickens me... and nobody trys to stop this kind of stuff?
tacorat On July 05, 2009

Shanghai, China
#3New Post! Dec 12, 2007 @ 13:54:48
that a not too bad one. some people here like to torture animals.. it is not illegal.on the other side, many people try to do something against, but what can they do without having the law to help them?
just read the articles, and the comments.then you may understand what is going on down there.
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