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weird school stories

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Josh_patterson16 On July 14, 2019

rocklin, California
#1New Post! Jul 03, 2019 @ 05:01:36
my school had its own cult, i go to a semi large high school in norcal and semiannually we have a club day which the school calls club rush, not much other than the normal affair of weebs, furries and tech kids. one year however some kids set up a unmanned booth for a club called the "suite club of zack and cody". personally i think the majority of us that joined, did it out of irony more than anything. first meeting comes around and a line is formed outside, we finally get inside and see the first red flag, no supervisor (most clubs have a teacher adviser), second red flag the leader has a list of latin words that no one can understand and asks us to chant them, final red flag we were offered refreshments aggressively. i went back a few times and was even asked to join the higher ups, last i heard about it the leader died in hong kong and was replaced.
mrmhead On 18 minutes ago

NE, Ohio
#2New Post! Jul 03, 2019 @ 13:43:43
Zack and Cody - wasn't that some Nickelodeon show? .. or maybe Disney Channel
Josh_patterson16 On July 14, 2019

rocklin, California
#3New Post! Jul 03, 2019 @ 21:12:56
disney channel last i remember
smallBUTTerflies On July 07, 2019
Weaker than homeopat

#4New Post! Jul 03, 2019 @ 22:14:07
My first public school experience since going to a really small middle school was rather intense. I witnessed a kid walk up to the front of the classroom, wail on his leg with a stapler, and the teacher never showed up that block so nothing was really done about it lol.

As for that kid, he dropped out about a week into class and was never seen again. Last I heard, he repairs dirt bikes for a living.
Erimitus 3 minutes ago

The mind of God, Antarctica
#5New Post! Jul 04, 2019 @ 04:35:10
Prof Sorrentino gave his final exam on Christmas Eve. We were the only people in the school.
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